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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thank You, Dee!

Not long ago, I was telling Dee (365 Days of SmellsMiss Prissypants) how bad I wanted to try Twyla; but that I had a hard time deciding what to sample. I usually know what I'll probably enjoy (let's be real, I enjoy a lot of perfumes), but for whatever reason, I didn't even know where to start. Dee totally took me off guard when she told me she'd send me some Twyla samples that she was done testing. I thought that was so sweet and generous of her! Since I've been wanting to send her some OHWTO anyway, and I don't like taking without giving, I sent her a little perfume package that you can see in this post.

I was shocked to open the package and see all the wonderful perfumes that Dee sent my way. She was more than generous, and l am so grateful for her kindness. By the way, it's been disgustingly windy since yesterday, so I wasn't able to set these up with a serene background like I usually attempt to do. I'd hate for all my new samples to scatter across the front yard in an angry burst of wind!

Here is a list of what Dee sent me (this is for my curious and lovely buddy, Nadja!)

Trilogy rosehip oil
Midnight Gypsy - Screamin' Mimi
Enchanticals - The Fat Lady
Enchanticals - Mermaid Cove
Enchanticals - Levesque Burlesque
BPAL - Dirty
Delightful Rot - 67 Chevy Impala
Delightful Rot - Boba
Firebird - Snowdrift
Nevermore Body Company - Vaudeville
Nevermore Body Company - Madame
Black Baccara - Black Lace
Black Baccara - Alice's Tea Party
Possets - Pomona
BPAL - A Murder of Crows
BPAL - Amsterdam
Midnight Gypsy - Boudoir
Alchemic Muse - Deadwood
Twyla - Only Alice
Twyla - Breathless
Twyla - Lirrit
Twyla - The Golden Lilies
Twyla - Soma
Boondock G Soapery - Nyx

Cheese ball alert ahead!

I am so glad I am able to know all of you wonderful ladies through Blogger. You are all such sweet people. Because of you guys, I now look forward to going on Blogger to see what you all are up to and to tell you about what products I've been trying. You make what was once a way to pass time into something I absolutely enjoy spending my time on. I'm glad that I've met each and every one of you! You've really put a beating heart into all of this, and you ladies make me smile so much! So thank you!

Dee, I can't thank you enough for your super duper awesome perfume package. I can't wait to try these scents! I know my package to you truly pales in comparison... I really thought I had more samples than I actually do D: To make it up to you, here is a fluffy behbah panda!


  1. What an awesome care package! Can't wait to hear what you think of all of them!
    LOL...keep on being a cheeseball, it's part of your charm :) But truly, I'm glad I stumbled upon you guys as well!

    1. I knows it, a super awesome care package indeed! I can't wait to try them! Especially Twyla, since you and the other ladies have already shared your thoughts on most of the perfumes from there :D

      And thank you! Sometimes I worry that I'll come across as phony or something, but I'm really honest in all I say or write! I really try to stay positive because the world has enough negativity (though angsty teenage me would have hated positive 26-year-old me, haha!). Anyway, you're lovely, my dear! And you're charming as well!

  2. Ohhh awesome!! What scents are in this package? I can only identify a few... I want a list my dear! I see that there are some samples from Midnight Gypsy, one from Enchanticals and is that Deadwood from Alchemic muse? Lol! I get almost as excited and curious about care packages that other people get as I do my own! I also have a few Twyla samples that I´ll send your way if you haven´t gotten them already from Dee...

    I´m also super glad to have met all you lovely ladies! I feel so lucky thet I fell in with this crowd so soon after starting to blog!

    1. Sorry I didn't list them yet! I will edit this post and add a list of them by category, my dear! <3

    2. Okay, I listed them! I hope that helps :D

      Also, you are lucky indeed! I wish I found all of you sooner! I love being able to hear about your perfume adventures and outfit adventures, I feel like I've missed out for way too long!

    3. Thank you! <3 Oh, it was a sample of Deadwood! I feel ridiculously proud of my skill att reading the hidden text on that vial! I´d love to hear what you think about Deadwood as well as the Nevermore and the Delightful Rot scents. But take your time, I know you have a lot of new samples right now!!

  3. No problem at all! I actually should have added them in this post anyways :) Seriously, I was very impressed with your mad perfume detecting skills too! You should be a perfume detective ;D

    I wore 67 Chevy Impala by Delightful Rot tonight, and it was so amazing. I think Dee liked it too, but she thought it was a bit too bloke-ish. I will definitely review those perfumes for you first thing when I'm done with this Possets craziness!! <3 I'm excited about those companies too, as I've never tried them previously!

    1. A bit of masculine never hurts a scent in my opinion, it´s feminine scents that I have a hard time with... ;)

    2. I did like 67 Chevy Impala a lot, but I just know I'd never get around to wearing it so I thought I'd pass it on to someone else to try.

  4. Well, you sent me a couple of full sizes so I think we came out pretty even! I like to clean out a bit when I'm looking for stuff to send to people - my stash tends to get a bit out of control every now and then. Anyway, I hope you find something you like!

    1. I wanted to send you more, but I know the grape seed oil expires pretty quickly and I didn't want you to be burdened with a bunch of expired full sizes. :( I'm glad you like the scents so far though! I can't wait to start trying all your imps. I don't even know where to start! Thank you again, you were very kind to send this to me. I'm sorry shipping internationally is a pricy pain!


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