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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Possets Day 7 ~ Silver Violets; Heka

I was pretty close to not posting today. I had an interview, so I didn't wear any perfume. I used my Haus of Gloi butterbomb in A Simple Rose, and that scent lasted on my skin enough to be pleasant but not overpowering. Now that I'm home, I decided to do two Possets reviews for Day 7. Interviews are so emotionally exhausting, and I doubt myself enough as it is without others summing me up in a 10 minute questionnaire. So anyway, I thought it would be fun to talk perfume so I can get my mind in a more pleasant and simplistic reality. Today I'll be reviewing Silver Violets and Heka. Please note the italicized scent descriptions are from the Possets website.

Silver Violets

Imagine the first violets of spring poking their heads up above a thin covering of snow and sparkling with a silvery light. Silver Violets is sweet but refreshing and welcome at any time of the year. Particularly reviving in the heat of summer months. Though violet scents are rather rare anymore, their popularity is enjoying a new vogue. I am particularly proud of this interpretation of this charming blossom. A very popular scent. Characteristics: floral, musky, feminine, scent locket, long lasting.

Cold sniff: Floral, sweet, and musky- really, really musky.

Initial Application/Wet on skin: It's decidedly floral at this stage. The violets are the stars. It's very feminine. I'm quite a fan of musky perfumes, but the musk at this stage is really strong and kind of scaring me away.

Drydown: It's still quite the same. Very sweet, really floral, and extremely musky.

Final Thoughts: Unfortunately, I don't like this perfume. I can definitely see floral lovers going insane for Silver Violets, but it's almost too floral and sweetly musky for me. Something about the notes just don't work for my skin.


Though the Egyptians didn't have pumpkins as we know them, they probably had gourds, the other members of the pumpkins' family. This perfume starts out with a gourd accord (!) and slides into a fine brew of lavender, oakmoss, and thyme which are twined around a resinous ambery heart. Magical and unexpected.Pretty surprising pairing of different fragrances to make a very solid and beautiful new one.

Cold sniff: So intriguing! The strongest notes from cold sniff are the gourd and lavender.

Initial Application/Wet on skin: There's definitely an herbal air to the perfume at this stage, which I'm assuming is the thyme. With a careful nose, the lavender and oakmoss are also detectable. The gourd accord holds everything together and keeps it interesting.

Drydown: Heka becomes resiny from the amber at this stage. It really is an unexpected fragrance, which ultimately makes it hard to explain. It's also earthy and a bit autumny from the initial gourd. The lavender calms it down, adds a bit of balance and femininity, and makes it downright beautiful.

Final Thoughts: Heka completely made up for the letdown I felt for Silver Violets. Heka is just so interesting, beautiful, unique, and autumnal. It's also extremely comforting, like the first warm cup of cider on the first day of autumn. I just cannot adequately express my adoration for this fragrance coherently. I love the addition of the gourd. Assuming I wasn't poor as hell, this would definitely be a full sizer for me.

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Disclaimer: All items mentioned were purchased by me for my own personal usage. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are always my own and honest. Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow. A perfume you don´t like! ;) Silver violets would probably be too floral and feminine for me too but there is something about violets that I like...

    Heka sounds interesting! I don´t like lavender very much, but autumnal herbals are nice!!

    1. I know!!! It's funny that I finally don't like a perfume, and it's one of the company's popular scents. I can send it to you since you're a violet fan! <3

      And Heka is freaking magical! I can't sing enough praise for it :D


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