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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Soap Review ~ Irish Handmade Soaps by Amanda

The other day, I wrote a post about the package I received from Amanda. She was generous enough to send me some of her beautiful handmade soaps so I could try them out! I used one different soap every morning in the shower in order to try all of them and have an accurate review of each product.

I will begin with the face soap sample Amanda sent me, because it was the first thing I tried out of everything. Here's a picture:

Face Soap

It is a face soap she made that contains banana, milk, honey, and essential oils. Amanda told me she made this face soap because her local customers were using her regular soaps on their face, and she wanted to offer them a more moisturizing soap that contained natural ingredients and did not have synthetic fragrances.

I absolutely love this face soap, and I really want to buy a full size of it when the second batch is done! First of all, it smells wonderful- like bananas and honey! The first time I used it, I couldn't stop lathering it on my face because it felt so wonderful and moisturizing! It lathers incredibly well, too. Without knowing I used anything different, my boyfriend felt my skin and complimented me on how soft it was. I told him it was from Amanda's wonderful face soap! This face soap also makes my skin look great. I've never seen my skin look so radiant! I have used it every morning and night ever since. I even used it to remove my foundation, and the soap quickly and gently removed all of it. This is an amazing face soap that makes my skin look and feel wonderful, and I'm going to be so sad when I run out!

Honeysuckle Soap

The next soap I used was the bar of honeysuckle soap. Amanda has a blog post about this particular soap here. This is my favorite body soap of all three, and Amanda was so sweet to send me a full size! It is aesthetically pleasing, a very beautiful white and pink layered soap with a lovely design on the top. The scent is heavenly. I would buy a full size perfume that smelled like this soap if Amanda ever made one! It is a honeysuckle scented soap that has an ozone scent to it as well. It was very moisturizing on my skin and, of course, it smelled wonderful. It lathered well, though I only used it on its own. It would probably lather even better if I used it on a washcloth or pouf. It also made the whole shower smell amazing when I was done with my shower. The only drawback was that the scent did not last on my skin. I don't like my soaps lasting outside the shower, especially because I love wearing perfume and I don't want my soap to clash with my perfume. The only reason I'm sad about it not staying on my skin in this case is because the soap smells so wonderful, I want it to last all day!

Next, I tried the sample of the soap called Magic Bubbles! This one has layers of colors such as light brown, purple, and beige. As you can imagine, Magic Bubbles lathered REALLY well. I had a lot of fun with Magic Bubbles with all the lathering it created! It lathered AND made bubbles, so I felt super squeaky clean when I was done with my shower!

I'm not quite sure what the official scent is on Magic Bubbles. To my nose, it smells perhaps a bit like a spice note. It's really nice! I am sorry I cannot describe it better. It has nothing to do with the soap- I've just never been able to distinguish certain scents without knowing what they are beforehand. I took a wine tasting class when I was in university and I only got 10 out of 90 smells right when we were "blind sniffing".

Above from L to R- Magic Bubbles, Kalada

And last, I tried the sample of the soap called Kalada. I absolutely LOVE the inspiration behind this soap. Amanda told me Kalada is a song children in Greece sing on Christmas Eve. They go door to door singing this song in exchange for money or candy. I love learning about different cultures and customs, especially for holidays; so this was really fascinating for me.

Kalada is mainly a green soap with red and white swirls within it. It is very pretty and festive! It also smells festive- just like Christmas. It smells so much better than all the soaps and candles that come out for the holidays, which can smell synthetic and gross to me. Kalada does not smell synthetic one bit. I think I smell a beautiful orange note in this soap, along with pine trees and cinnamon. The strongest note in this soap is the cinnamon. Again, I don't know the official scent description, so please forgive me if that is incorrect. This is a very Christmasy smell (of course) that I would have loved to use for the holidays! Kalada lathered well, about the same amount as the honeysuckle soap, but not as much as the Magic Bubbles soap. It's really neat when it lathers because the foam is green and rinses off green! Again, it's very festive and would be great for the holidays.

Though I have only tried a handful of bar soaps, Amanda's are by far my favorites. I really, really hope she gets an etsy shop soon. I would buy a full size of her face soap, along with another bar of the honeysuckle soap. Those two were my favorites of the bunch! Amanda, I sincerely hope you keep making these beautiful soaps and start charging people for all your hard work. I would be your number one customer. You seriously have a talent with soap making, and you should be proud of your creations! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sending me your beautiful soaps to try!

DISCLAIMER- All products mentioned were sent to me for free by Amanda of Irish Handmade Soaps. I am not paid by anyone to mention these products, nor am I affiliated with her future company. My opinions are completely my own and honest. Though I received these items for free, it would not benefit anyone if I lied about these products. Everyone deserves honest feedback, including Amanda; so please know that this review was completely sincere; as are all my reviews. Thanks for reading!


  1. I feel so honored that you took the time to use and review my soaps! Your opinion is very important to me. This post made me incredible happy and I am going to sleep with a smile on my face :) Thank you so much! You are the sweetest person EVER!

    1. I feel honored that you took the time to send them to me. It was very nice of you! You really do have some very beautiful soap, and I really hope you sell it on etsy! You deserve to be making money! You are so kind and I can tell you really care about your customers, like with how you made the face soap for them. I thought I loved black magic face soap by ohwto the best, but your face soap is actually better than that! You are the sweet one! I'm so happy this made you smile ❤


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