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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

False Nostalgia ~ Winter is Coming

Not long ago, the lovely Nadja from La Domna wrote about some awesome Game of Thrones inspired perfumes right here. Not only did she influence me to start reading the first book in the series, she also inadvertantly motivated me to purchase one of the perfumes she posted about: Winter is Coming by False Nostalgia. False Nostalgia is an awesome etsy store that makes soaps and perfume oils inspired by fandom books and series such as Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and (of course) Game of Thrones! I think it's such a neat concept. Their etsy store has quite a variety of fragrances at incredibly affordable prices. Winter is Coming came in a 7ml rollerball for only $7.95 USD.

The following is the scent description from False Nostalgia:

Winter is coming: The scent of the North.
A cold woodland breeze, icy snow, Weirwoods, and moss with smoke and ash.

Above- Winter is Coming by False Nostalgia

Upon cold sniff, I detect an earthy, sexy moss (oakmoss?) note, along with a bit of smoke to liven things up.

Initial application is to die for. Is it possible to smell a cold woodland breeze in a perfume? I don't know, but this is what I suspect it would smell like. I am honestly taken to the harsh, icy lands of Winterfell with direwolves howling in the distance. Even at this stage, I am certain this would be classified as a masculine scent; but it would be an absolute crime for us ladies to miss out on such sexiness!

The drydown features the smoke note, perhaps from a fleeting fire to keep unlucky wanderers warm. Every stage of this scent truly captures what I imagine Winterfell would smell like: Cold, harsh, and foreboding (to say the least).

The smoky scent fades to ash, like it truly would during winter in such a harsh environment. I also get a snowy note, or what I assume to be the snow. Of course, the snow is likely what put out the life-saving fire!

I cannot praise this perfume enough. I know I have a lot of positive reviews, but this is already without a doubt up there in my gallery of favorite scents. The shop owner is truly a talented person, and I would absolutely purchase from False Nostalgia in the future!

Now, I am eager to read the next chapter of the book! Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!


Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me for my own personal usage. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are always my own and honest!


  1. Oh, awesome! You bought one of them! I don´t know if I´d really enjoy this one but it was the one that fascinated me most out of the five I mentioned! I seem to remember that this perfumer only ships inside the US though, so I´m out of luck... I love how geeky that shop is though! Even the shop policies are geeky, "I am not responsible if Reavers steal your parcel, or the Alliance confiscates it". As a Firefly fan I LOVE that!

    1. I did! But I wanted this post to surprise you, because it's more fun that way :D I think they do ship US only :( I would love to decant some for you to add to your package, but the realistic part of my brain is telling me there's no way I'll be able to learn how to decant before then. Maybe I will send it when I do learn how though! It is just magical :D

      And yeah, the geekiness warms my heart! When the package was shipped, I got an email telling me a raven was on its way with my parcel ;)

    2. Etsy shops that are US only are SO depressing! I know of a few perfumers that have that policy and I just don´t even want to take a look in their shops, afraid that I´ll find something really awesome that I just can´t have... :(

      Ahhh, that is true geekery!! <3 Maybe if I nagged a bit, and promised blogging, I could get a parcel sent to me over seas as well... We´ll see! :)

    3. I know! I felt bad even posting this perfume because US only policies ARE depressing. Everyone deserves to smell pretty!! And yes, you should absolutely nag the owner (I think her name is Shannon) about sending you a little international smellies in exchange for a blog post! :D You are so great at reviewing, I know I would be glad to do that for you of I made perfumes :)

  2. I knew I was forgetting something! Sorry I have not replied to your email yet. I have to go to work soon, but I will write you back later today :)

  3. Ooh, Game of Thrones inspired!! I never get hooked on popular culture/trendy books and that sort of thing, but I watched an episode of Game of Thrones at a friend's house and I was HOOKED. I read all the books in like 2 months, lol! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON!!!


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