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Monday, February 4, 2013

Black Baccara ~ Bloody Valentine

So, I've been kind of stressed out lately and in need of a breath of fresh air outside the city. It's amazing how good it feels for your soul to just go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature (on a scale of 1-10, that tipped the hippy-meter, haha). My boyfriend and I went on a hike because there's a beautiful area 20 minutes from our house for such activities. It's neat how very close we are to a "mini holiday," so to speak. I'll add pictures of that below, but you wonderful ladies are here for the perfume, so let's talk perfume!

When I got home, I had a lovely package from Black Baccara waiting for me! As you know from the title, this is yet another Valentine themed perfume! I ordered a 5ml rollerball of Bloody Valentine, and I am happy to report and I am happy with the scent (as I bought this unsniffed!)

Bloody Valentine by Black Baccara. I love how the perfume oil itself is pink, even though it was probably unintentional!

Official Scent Description:
❀BLOODY VALENTINE- Here is a story of aged papers and Victorian flowers enhanced by a tinge of the metallic and earthy. It is a strong, floral blend best suited for those who love the smell of "vintage" flowers and Victorian inspired perfumes. The scent here is from another time and place and beautifully scented letters. Violets are followed by rose, sandalwood, a hint of red wine, a trace of soil, and clove pennyroyal, among others.

When I sniffed Bloody Valentine from the bottle, I smelled a strong floral and a hint of earthyness. When I rolled it on my wrists, however, the earth note completely disappears and it's BAM, IN YOUR FACE FLOWERS! For the first 60 seconds, there's a weird hint to the floral smell... I don't know, like an artificial smell that I don't like at all. But luckily, it only lasts for that first minute, and this perfume smells very beautiful for the rest of its life. The violets and rose are strong and quite a gorgeous team, and there's also a hint of earth in the background. I'm really pleased with that soil note in the background, as it gives this perfume a more sinister vibe. It speaks of a love story gone horribly wrong, of shattered glass with roses that once put a smile on someone's face- with blood spilled across the petals and all over the floor. There actually is a metallic smell (not in a weird way) to this perfume, quite like blood. Oh my gosh, I love this perfume more than I can tell you guys. It's so classy and elegant, but it has enough edge to it to really give it a soul. Though the Victorian era was undeniably beautiful, it was also plagued with terrible things. For one, Jack the Ripper committed those treacherous crimes in the Victorian era. On a larger scale, Ireland lost 50% of its population due to emigration and starvation. There was also a large amount of war and mutiny, not to mention 2,000 people dying each WEEK from the Cholera epidemic. So this perfume is the perfect paradigm for the Victorian era- beautiful, yet absolutely haunting. This will definitely be the perfume I wear on Valentine's Day (and let's be real, a whole lotta other days- this is my new favorite!)

As stated earlier, here's some pictures from our mini holiday!

The scenery

Moar Scenery

The Sunset

I must admit, even though it's a Monday; I'm a happy camper! I had a great mini holiday, and I'm smelling pretty thanks to Bloody Valentine!

As always, thanks so much for reading! Have a very wonderful week!


DISCLAIMER- All products mentioned were purchased by me for my own personal usage. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are always my own and honest!


  1. This sounds like something I would hate! ;D Well, the florals at least... I would love that sinister background!!

    1. Lol! That's funny! I actually felt bad for reviewing another Valentine scent. I was thinking, "Nadja's going to hate me!" :D

    2. LOL! If I thought like that I would hate Dee most of the time... ;) But I enjoy dissing a perfume too! :D

    3. Feel free to diss away, my dear, because i do have one more Valentine perfume coming in the mail. ;) <3

    4. Haha, we are polar opposite in taste, Nadja - but that's fun, because I hear about perfumes I would not otherwise have a bar of, and sometimes I am tempted to step outside my comfort zone and try them for myself! :-)

  2. I would have bought it reading that description too! It sounds nice. I like violets, so I might like this :) you are so right about glorifying particular a period of time. They weren't all good old days, after all!
    Your mini break looks lovely! So sunny and bright :)

    1. I'm usually a risk taker when it comes to buying FS perfumes unsniffed, but I try to be careful about it! This was one of the perfumes I really wanted from Black Baccara, so I just went with it! I'm glad I did though! You're right, not all days were good old days in the past! People tend to romanticize the Victorian era, but so many bad things happened then! I guess it's like seeing an incredibly beautiful person, they are so pretty, yes, but who knows what's going on behind that beauty! :D

      Thank you about my mini vacation! It was sunny and bright, lots of vitamin D! :)

  3. That's so nice that you live so close to a place like that! I hope you are not feeling sretessed anymore...
    Bloody Valentine sounds interesting. Wine, flowers, blood!
    I couldn't agree more with you, we tend to glorify the past and to forget all the difficulties that people had back then.

    1. I feel really lucky to live closely to that place. We also have a huge lake and mountains about 45 minutes- an hour away. It's kind of nice to be able to go to different places like this outside the city :)
      Thank you so much. I really get stressed
      way too easily. I'm at a "quarter life crisis" right now... I went to college and got a Bachelor's degree, was unemployed for 3 years, then I found a job but it's not a "real" job (like we were discussing in one of your posts). I'm happy to have something, but I wish I figured out my life sooner. Now I just feel stuck.
      You're right, a lot of bad things happened in the past, but we tend to glorify the past. It's kind of silly! But good things happened too :)

    2. I feel you. After my degree I didn't manage to find a "real" job either. I just try to think positive and do things I always wanted to do but I didn't have time!

    3. It's sad that that's such a common occurance. I guess I never worried about finding a job until I already graduated and at that point, I had no idea where to even start :(

      It's definitely good to stay positive. Negativity is contagious and just drags everyone down :(

  4. Hmmm, I'm sure I have a sample of this. Another one to dig up and try. It sounds like my cup of tea. ;-)

    1. Oh awesome, I'd love to know what you think! I need to figure out how to decant perfume oils so I can share with you ladies <3


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