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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OHWTO ~ Apple of my Eye

Why hello! I hope you're all doing well. I know a couple of you have been dealing with hard things like losing loved ones recently, and I just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you guys and I'm sorry you've been dealing with those burdens. I truly mean it when I say you can email me if you ever need me.

Recently, I places a Haus of Gloi order for some perfume and whipped soaps. It was delayed a few days, so I didn't think it would be here before Valentines Day; so I planned on reviewing this perfume on Valentines Day! However, I got a shipment notification from HoG, and my goodies are scheduled to be here on VD itself, so I'm doing this post early! Today I will be reviewing Apple of my Eye solid perfume by OHWTO.

One Hand Washes The Other only released two perfumes for Valentine's Day this year, and I received one of them as a sample with my O Holy Night perfume that I mentioned here . Here is the official scent description:

Apple of My Eye: Bushels of apples, bouquets of lilies and carnations and sweet peas, green clover, sensual and exotic musks, a splash of champagne and a little candy, to boot.

Apple of my Eye by OHWTO

From the clamshell, Apple of My Eye smells very green- like a beautiful spring day, or freshly cut flowers. I think I smell some of the apple note, but the green notes take the cake. I'm sure it's the green clover I'm smelling.

Upon initial application, I smell quite an interesting blend of apples and carnations! It sounds odd, and I admit it's rather unique, but I don't hate it or anything. It's actually kind of refreshing. The apple isn't very overpowering because there are so many other notes to balance it out. I find that to be true with many OHWTO perfumes. They are well balanced and single notes in each blend are never too overpowering. It's hard to decipher individual notes in these cases, which can be frustrating when writing a review, haha.

The green clover peeks out again once this perfume is dry. As I've mentioned previously, I am horrible at figuring out scent notes when I don't have the description for reference. In the case of Apple of my Eye, if I didn't have the description, I would compare it to a really good Bath and Body Works scent. Not one in particular, but you might know what I mean if you've ever smelled their scents. None of them are terribly unique, but some are very pretty. Apple of my Eye is quite lovely and I will certainly be wearing it when it warms up a bit. It is perfect for spring, in my opinion.

DISCLAIMER: Apple of my Eye was a free sample with my OHWTO purchase. I am not being paid by OHWTO, nor am I affiliated with thee company. My opinions are always my own and honest. Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm not a fan of solid scents, only have tried a few brands and I have not had good luck with them, and they dried up in the packaging too fast or the carriers and base turned rancid. Does this company make oils? I think I would LOVE a scent like this if it was in a good quality carrier oil. I have to say I won't do Bath and Body works.....I don't do chemicals and preservatives no matter how good something smells. Great review!

    1. I definitely like perfume oils better than solid scents, but sometimes I like to wear solid scents (particularly from OHWTO) because they hug closer to the skin, and I like them for work or when I don't want to choke anyone surrounding me with a scent. This company does make great perfume oils, and I own quite a few. I have a lot of their Halloween perfume oils. They're pretty affordable, especially for an indie company- 10 bucks for 5ml. Their TAT is a lot better at the moment than usual.

      I am not a big bath and body works fan, but I do buy stuff when it's dirt cheap on sale. But I do prefer to support indie brands!

  2. Apples and carnation, What a combination. I am not ready for spring scents yet, but I totally agree with you from the notes alone I think it would be perfect for a sunny day!

    1. It's pretty interesting! I'm not ready for spring scents yet either. I'm still in winter mode, even though it's not very cold here! But I will be saving this scent for a
      Sunny spring day, like you said :)


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