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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My First Possets

Ever since Amanda was kind enough to send me imps of BPAL and Possets perfume, I've been wanting to buy from both companies. I made my first Possets purchase on Sunday, and it has already arrived (four days later)!

I ordered a full size of Gypsy Grave because I knew I loved it from Amanda's imp. Additionally, I ordered a choose-your-own sample six pack.

When I opened the envelope, I thought that my order might have gotten mixed up. I kept pulling out the samples, and the samples weren't the ones I ordered. Well, it turns out that the owner didn't just add 2 free imps, she added FOUR. More than generous, it was. And it is very appreciated by me!

So instead of making a huge post on my first impressions of Possets perfume, I thought it would be MUCh more fun and easier to read if I reviewed one perfume imp per day! So tomorrow morning, I will have a Possets perfume review up, and one per day after that, until I am out of samples! :)

The samples I ordered are:
Dark Lady
Death (The Pardoner's Tale)
Heka (Magic)
Lavender Corset
Silver Violets
The Tisane of the Witch

The frimps I received are:
The Temptress
The Fascinator

Let me know if you guys are interested about any of the perfumes I listed from this order, as I will review those first for you. :)


  1. I´s always awesome when you get a really generous sample pack! That kind of generosity really keeps you coming back! Pretty much all of these samples sound interesting to me. Well, perhaps not Washington (hate apple) or Lavender Corset... but the rest!

    1. Absolutely! It certainly felt like the owner truly cared about my business and wanted me to be able to try as many perfumes as possible. It was very sweet! I will definitely be a customer in the future.

      Okie dokie, I will save Washington and Lavender Corset for last then! :)


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