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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Black Baccara ~ Orpheus

Hey there and happy Saturday to everyone! Today I will be reviewing Orpheus by Black Baccara. I received it as a free sample with my Bloody Valentine perfume but haven't gotten a chance to try it until recently.

Official scent description from Black Baccara:
ORPHEUS- A beautiful unisex perfume. It begins with a fruity wave of oranges, pomegranates, apples and lemons and then moves into a primordial phase of burning cedarwood, fire, cloves, and earthy oakmoss. This perfume brings to mind offerings of spices, herbs, and fruits being consumed by a brilliant cedarwood fire.

Orpheus by Black Baccara
Image Source- Black Baccara Perfumery

From the imp, Orpheus smells like oranges with a bit of oakmoss. Interesting!

Wet on skin, it smells exactly like candy with perhaps a bit of something earthier to makes it less "foody" smelling. The scents intended for the second phase almost immediately push their way through. It's very interesting at this point as all the notes battle it out and try to make their own special appearance. I can definitely make out the oakmoss, as I recognize that note from my other Black Baccara perfumes.

On the drydown, the smokiness comes into full throttle. It is a very realistic smoke scent and almost "catches" in my throat, if that makes any sense. The oranges also stay strong, as they have been pretty consistently the rest of the time.

This perfume fades into an interesting blend of oakmoss, smoke, and a hint of cedar and lemon. It's very pretty and I like how it morphs. It's not my favorite perfume and I wouldn't purchase a full size, but it is a well made scent that I'm glad I was able to sample. Fun fact- Initially, I thought this perfume was called "orphans" because I misread it on the etsy site. I wondered why orphans would smell of oranges and smoke, but now it all makes sense! ;) Another fun fact via Wikipedia-
Orpheus (Ancient Greek: Ὀρφεύς) was a legendary musician, poet, and prophet in ancient Greek religion and myth. The major stories about him are centered on his ability to charm all living things and even stones with his music, his attempt to retrieve his wife, Eurydice, from the underworld, and his death at the hands of those who could not hear his divine music.

By the way, you can click the Wikipedia link to learn more about Orpheus! I only referenced the first paragraph.

Complete change of subject! Since today is also known at Caturday in the kittah lover interwebz, I wanted to add a picture I recently took of V. You can see my boyfriend's arm in the corner cause they are official cuddle buddies. :)

I love the strange look on V's face.

V decided to wake us up at 3:30 A.M. this morning. He usually doesn't eat wet food, so we only had dry food out for him. He had a tummy ache, so we dragged our butts out of bed to get ourselves coffee and wet food for my little prince. He feels better now :)

Have a wonderful Saturday, Caturday, and weekend!


Disclaimer: Orpheus was a free sample provided with my Black Baccara purchase. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. My opinions are always my own and always honest. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hmmm... this sounds like somthing I might enjoy, but I´m not overly fond of citrus or apples, so it´s not something I would sample. I like the name though! I had a greek mythology geek period in my teens and I remember quite a lot of it! Orpheus was the son of one of the muses if I remember correctly but I can´t remember if his father was a god or a mortal... and taking a peak at that wikipedia article would be cheating! Those greek gods have a love life worthy of any soap opera so the family tree gets rather complicated!

    1. I just checked the article, and you're quite right to be confused about Orpheus's father. One account says his father was a king, another said his father was a god.

      Also, I thought you might enjoy at least some aspects of this perfume, but not all! I actually thought of you when I was writing this, hehe! <3

    2. Ahh, it feels good to be right! ;)

      Yeah, I think I would enjoy the dark, woody and earthy aspects of this scent... Just not the citrus... I don´t understand why people insist on using citrus in perfume, it is just awful most of the time... I can handle bergamot, and perhaps petitgrain, but only because they are not so terribly fresh. Oh, the citrus, the horror!


    3. Haha! I agree with you completely! I do have one or perhaps two perfumes that have citrus notes (if I remember correctly, and not including imps, haha)... But there are other notes that balance the citrus and keep it from being overwhelming. I don't even like to peel oranges because I smell like them, so I don't necessarily want citrus in perfume unless it smells like a perfume from heaven! Lol! But Orpheus smells more like orange candy to me, so it's not bad ;) LOL at oh, the citrus, the horror! You're too cute! <3

    4. P.S. Speaking of bergamot, I think I'd really like an earl grey inspired perfume :D

    5. I know that I have a few samples from Enchanticals with blood orange, because I really wanted to like that note, it is in so many otherwise awesome sounding gothic scents... But it didn´t really work out. Other than that my collection is probably citrus free... I have bergamot and petitgrain essential oils for my own experiments though. Surprisingly I rather like citrus smells in real life, I love how my fingers smell after peeling an orange, and the scent of drying orange slices in the oven around Christmas is heavenly! (Do you do that in the US or is it a Nordic habit?) I love lemon and the scent of lemon, especially lemon pie and lemon curd! Buuut, I just hate citrus in perfume, strangely. But perhaps I would like a candied orange smell...

      As for an earl grey scent... well I hate to drink earl grey so i don´t particularily want to smell like it. Big tea fan, but I want it to be much more exciting than earl grey! Maybe I should do a blog post about the ridiculously large collection of teas we have in my commune, we have a whole double door cupboard in the kitchen devoted to tea only! ;D

    6. You should do a post about your perfume experiments! That would be so interesting to me :) I don't think that's a common Christmastime practice here in the US, but it sounds so awesome that I hope I remember to try it this year :) I got this potpourri from Christmas, though, and it has orange slices in it. It's the kind you're supposed to boil in water to distribute the scent. I still need to use it! Lemon scents are so nice, and so refreshing. I love lemon water!

      I love earl grey tea. I think it would be nice with other scent notes in a perfume to make it more complex though. I would absolutely love if you did a tea post! I've been wanting to do one too, as I have a tea cabinet too! <3

    7. I haven´t been experiemtning much lately... I feel a need for more essential oils to use, and I just don´t have the money or space for them right now... :( If I do get around to making some perfume I´ll make sure to blog about it!

      I´ve seen a lot of tea scents, but I don´t think I´ve seen an earl grey scent, but it´s probably out there! I do love tea, and tea is also an olfactory experience, so I might very well do a tea post soon! We can trade tea posts! ;D

    8. That's completely understandable! I've seen some essential oils at my whole foods market, and they're not cheap! I'd love to hear your perfume adventures if you do get around to it someday <3

      I hope you do a tea post! I've started a draft for mine so I don't forget :)

  2. You make wanting to try Black Baccara even more! This will be so fruity to me but their other blends sound so much prettier.
    I would love an earl grey perfume too. I love bergamot!

    1. Nadja was the one that got me into Black Baccara (not on purpose, by reading her ScentBase!) There are some very nice perfumes by them! Orpheus is not my favorite, but they are all well made and pretty. My favorite part is that the prettiness has a darker edge to it in the perfumes. :)

      Yes, bergamot is awesome! I'm willing to bet there is an earl grey perfume somewhere out there :D

  3. I like the idea of a fruit + earthy + smokey type of smell. I am going to have to try out something from Black Baccara!

    1. I think you'd love this perfume if that is your cup of tea! I'd be happy to mail you this sample of you'd like, that way you can try it out without having to pay for samples :D If you want, just email me your shipping address, my email is


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