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Monday, February 25, 2013

Possets Day 4 ~ The Fascinator

We have reached Day 4 of Possets perfume reviews! Today I have decided to try The Fascinator. It's still dark out and I don't have time to take pretty outside pictures before work, so I have boring dining room table pictures. :(

What Possets says:

Something to tickle your nose and drive you wild. This one is pretty dry but sparkling, very high-key bright crystalline musk combined with a more emollient backup musk, a good spritz of sandalwood, and a small amount of cedar and rosewood. This is very sexy indeed, and grown up. Nothing foody about Fascinator, but it is seductive as it can be. A great novelty for this droopy time of the year.

Image Source - Possets

Cold sniff: I'm officially stumped at this stage. Something floral/musky/powdery.

Initial application/Wet on Skin: I think I've discovered the mystery smell, because it's quite strong upon initial application. It's the musks! The light musks in this blend make for a bit of a powdery blend, though the rose and sandalwood sweeten it up.

Drydown: Hello, cedar! I am happy to say the cedar finally showed up to the party. The musks are still there, as they have been from the get go. However, they aren't as strong as the sandal and rosewoods. It really is quite a fascinating perfume. The musks make it unique and unlike any perfume I've encountered before.

Final Thoughts: This would be perfect for a warm summer day, and there will be a plethora of those really quite soon. Like the description said, this is definitely a grown up type of scent; though I'm finding that to be true on the majority of Possets I've tried so far. Additionally, I think this perfume makes for a good bedtime scent. I wore it to bed and found it really rather comforting. I'd like to re-test this perfume after some time passes. I think I need more time with it before I really decide on it. It hasn't won my heart quite yet, but I still think it has potential. We'll see how it fares on a summer day when I need a powdery, beautiful scent to ground me and distract me from this desert!

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Disclaimer: The perfume mentioned was a free sample with my purchase. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are my own and honest.


  1. I think I would like the woods, but I´m iffy about musk, and it does sound a bit too feminine and delicate for me! :)

    1. It's quite a different kind of musk, but it really is feminine. Not really what I'm used to wearing, but still ok ;) I'm not in love or hate, it's just there, haha.


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