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Friday, February 22, 2013

Possets Day 1 ~ The Tisane of the Witch

Ello! So yesterday, I talked about doing one Possets perfume review each day until I run out of samples. Today is officially day one of my maelstrom of Possets sample reviews! I decided to start with The Tisane of the Witch.

Scent description from Possets:

The Tisane of the Witch:
A cozy tea party amongst the witches. They chortle and gossip about what they are going to wear and what they are going to do at Halloween. They plan this for the whole year and when they get together they try to outdo each other with such a fancy spread, such exotic teas, such dainty pastries, such infinate care lavished on each detail of the tea that you can, without much problem, forget totally why you came and surrender to this magic hedonism. A variety of teas from the darkest black to quite white with the pastries, cream, herbs, sugar, and butter necessary for a proper tea display. Great fun and very witchy. spicy, foody, gourmand, sweet.

Cold sniff- I definitely smell tea and pastries. Possibly more than one variety of tea, though I am not absolutely sure.

Initial application/wet on skin- I mainly get white tea, with perhaps some delicious pastries to sweeten it up a bit (which make their presence in more of a buttery note). There's something about this perfume that makes it a distinct "Possets scent." I'm not sure if it's the dryness, which is how the owner describes her perfumes, but I quite like it!

Drydown- A comforting blend of beautiful cups of tea (both black and white), fluffy, buttery pastries, and a bit of a spice.

Final Thoughts- I'm definitely NOT a foody scent type of girl, but this scent has seemed to bewitch me (teehee, see what I did there?) I think the fact that the tea notes are much stronger than the foody notes is what wins me over. I've mentioned that this perfume is comforting during the drydown- and comforting is the main adjective I'd use to describe The Tisane of the Witch. It's definitely a perfume I'd need to be in the mood for. I can definitely see myself wearing this on rainy days, as what could be more comforting on a dreary day than a warm cup of tea? Speaking of tea, you can take a peek inside my tea cabinet over here!

I'll see you guys tomorrow morning with Possets Day 2! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for reading!


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Disclaimer: All items mentioned were purchased by me for my own personal usage. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are always my own and honest.


  1. I think that I kind of like tea scents, but I don´t have much experience with them. Tea strikes me as kind of a delicate scent, and I´m generally not very fond of those... Still, I would probably enjoy this as I do most gourmands, even if it´s not really my thing!

    1. I don't either, though I think I've enjoyed the limited amount I've tried, such as the OHWTO solid scent for Valentine's Day (I forgot which one was the tea scent, Be Mine or Be True ;) ) I layered Tisane of the Witch with Honeytree pumpkin butter from Haus of Gloi this morning, and it smelled so good together. My skin has been so dry, which is why I never even comment on perfume longevity :(

  2. This is my favorite tea scent! So comforting. It's in my full bottle wish list for ages!

    1. Isn't it a nice tea scent? I like it so much! I'd like a full size someday too- I'd like to wear it when I want something comforting :)


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