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Monday, February 11, 2013

My First BPAL and Possets imps!

Can you guys believe I've never tried BPAL or Possets? I'm almost ashamed to admit that! There are just so many indie perfumeries, sometimes it's hard to try a lot a brands (even when they're incredibly popular!). Amanda was kind enough to send me one BPAL imp and two Poppets from Possets! I mentioned these in my post about Amanda's care package to me, and I'm going to use the same picture because it's only 6:15 A.M. where I live and too dark to take any new pictures.

L to R- Theodora, Gypsy Grave, Samhain 2011

Possets ~ Theodora

Beloved of Justinian, she started her life as a prostitute and dancer who attracted the greatest man in the empire. She became the empress of all Byzantium, hated by many and who outsmarted all. It was to her that the proud Justinian turned when others could not give him the guidance. One of the truly great women of the Middle Ages. All the rich and precious resins of the Byzantine empire poured into the blend: musk (both black and red), tears of frankincense, tears of vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver and myrrh, a kiss of 'nard. Kiss of oude.

Theodora was actually the last imp I was able to try, and I'm actually wearing it right now. Oh gosh, this is a beautiful blend. It is THE perfect musky perfume. The musky notes are my favorite thing in this blend! The vanilla is quite strong upon initial application, but it fades pretty quickly. The musky notes take over with perhaps some sandalwood in the background. There is something about this perfume that makes me feel sad. When a perfume has the capacity to evoke emotion, it's a pretty darn good perfume in my opinion!

Possets ~ Gypsy Grave

Every year at Memorial Day in Cincinnati, there is a procession of people who come to the grave of The Gypsy Queen at Spring Grove Cemetery. They come at a very early hour and leave before the public appears, and they offer mounds of expensive flowers, sayings written on little scrolls, prayers and the like at the tomb said to be that of a Gypsy Queen. She was a larger than life sort of person, with extreme passions and tastes. Her perfume reflects that. Masses of gorgeous expensive flowers, combined with a bit of the clove cigarettes she smoked, a deep base of darkest musk which is more oriental and earthy rather than European, a bit of vetiver (but just a tiny bit) and a puff of incense. There is also the small smell of cards in here, their pasteboard pictures being so much a part of her heritage. You would not expect a Queen of the Gypsies to be buried in Cincinnati, but remember that being a gypsy means roaming where your heart pleases. This is a dry and sophisticated blend, strong and slightly unconventional.

This perfume is absolutely beautiful. I've actually already tried it a couple times these past few days, and I kept getting whiffs of it on those days. I realized Gypsy Grave was the reason I was smelling so nice! This is the perfect "graveyard" perfume, with a wonderful balance of earthy and floral notes. The muskiness and clove notes give this perfume depth and make it very beautiful and unique. The incense comes through after a couple minutes and it makes everything come together even better. It is certainly "dry and sophisticated" like the website describes. I love this one enough to purchase a full size, which I will do for my first Possets order! This is actually the best graveyard/Cemetary perfume I've ever sniffed!

BPAL ~ Samhain 2011

Truly the scent of autumn itself — damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein.

So THIS is what all the fuss is about! This is sadly discontinued, but Samhain 2011 is absolutely lovely. I am describing this scent from memory, because I am hoarding every drop I have left. This perfume is a beautiful fall scent and is very well rounded. The damp woods note comes out pretty strongly at first, which I am very happy with. Imagine a dark forest in autumn with soggy wet leaves beneath your feet and a faint hint of fir whispering at your nose- that is what this smells like. The apple note comes out strongly on me, but the other notes keep it rounded and out of the "fruit" realm. This is a very beautiful perfume. Not everyone on the BPAL forum liked this one, but I certainly did!

I apologize if this post seems brief, I have to get ready for work now. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Thank you Amanda for sending me these! I really appreciate it! :)

DISCLAIMER: These perfumes were sent to me for free by Amanda. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are my own and always honest! Thanks for reading!


  1. You are welcome:) I am so glad that these worked for you! You are lucky about Samhain, until now it returns every year!

    1. You have wonderful taste in perfume, my dear! Does bpal reformulate Samhain every year?

    2. I think it's the same every year. Sometimes more patchouli, sometimes more apple but pretty much the same! Just wait until September!

    3. Oh yay! It will be my birthday present to myself this September then! ;D Thanks for letting me know :) I have a perfume called Samhain by Haus of Gloi, but it it a lot darker than the bpal Samhain because there isn't fruit or pumpkin to round it out. It is still pretty, just probably not work appropriate!

  2. None of these sound like the perfect scent for me but they all have elements that I would certainly enjoy! I think I´ll sample Gypsy Grave when I get around to a Possets order!

    1. I think you might enjoy Gypsy Grave. It's not too floraly because the earth grounds it out. At least on my skin. I'd love to know your thoughts if you do get a sample!


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