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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Longest Overdue Thank Yous In History

Hey there! I have been wanting to make this post for the longest time. You have all been so sweet, thoughtful, and giving to me; and I feel awful that it has taken me so pain-stakingly long to write a proper post about it. It's really embarrassing. Despite the fact that I wasn't doing so well, you all deserved this post eons ago... And I cannot apologize enough.

Miss Vix

You are one amazing person with an incredible way with words. If you ever write a book, I will be there to buy it and tell everyone else to read it! :D I have admired your blog for a very long time, and I'm so happy to have you on my journey here in blog land. Thank you for sharing your perfume samples with me- especially your HoG custom scents. I feel absolutely honored that you wanted to be able to share those with me! They are at the very top of my list to blog about (unless you'd prefer me to email you my thoughts, of course!), and I can't thank you enough for everything you shared with me. I enjoyed reading your very sweet card, and I loved the green bubble mailer and kitty return address sticker! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! *big Internet hugs*

List of Perfumes:
 Four Custom Haus of Gloi perfumes by Liber Vix, Darling Clandestine: Small Saga, Solstice Scents: Tenebrous Mist, Solstice Scents: Blossom Tea Cakes, Sweet Anthem: Selene, Midnight Gypsy: Hesperides, Sweet Anthem: Rebecca, Sweet Anthem: Anton, Darling Clandestine: Vardogr, Darling Clandestine: Harpy, Firebird: Vanilla Amber, Alkemia: Vanilla Amour, Firebird: Tobacco Honey, Darling Clandestine: Inked, Alkemia: Hex


You are such a wonderful person, and I'm glad I've been able to talk to you at least a little bit in my absence from blogger. Your tweets make me laugh and I also feel your pains when certain teenagers act up :) I also enjoy the websites you share. You're just super awesome and I can't ever tell you that enough. I seriously wanted to cry when I opened your package and saw the Life Savers tingles. That was the sweetest gesture ever. I know I told you how jealous I was that we don't have those here, and it was so thoughtful and sweet of you that it made my heart melt! (I am so sorry that this sounds so cheesy and mushy, it's just that I'm a huge sucker for sentiment... and that was just so sweet). I also very much appreciate the perfume imps. You are so giving and kind and *please accept your Internet hug*

List of Perfumes:
Darling Clandestine: Small Saga, Poison Apple Apothecary: You Bring the Whiskey, Darling Clandestine: Pyrotechnic, Darling Clandestine: Aequitas, Enchanticals: Lucretia, Darling Clandestine: Mas as Birds, Enchanticals: Harvesting Zombies, Midnight Gypsy: Fomhar, Black Baccara: Alchemy, Twyla: Magnolia Street, Midnight Gypsy: Dragon's Milk, Twyla: Love and Squalor, Twyla: Milk Flower, Twyla: Honekakala


My dearest Greek friend! You are seriously a talented lady, and I so wish you could sell your soap on etsy or a similar site. You have been through so much, especially this year, but I think things are finally looking up for you (and I'm so happy to say that!). Thank you so much for your beautiful face soap. I use it every day, and I am not surprised that it sold out so fast locally! It's really amazing, moisturizing, and you were so, so thoughtful to send me a bar of it. It really means a lot to me. Thank you also for the super cute and sweet card, the tea your dad got from China (so cool!!!), and the lovely imps. I hope your move is going well and please accept *a bunch of Internet hugs*

List of perfumes:
Arcana Soaps: Hallowe'en 2011, Arcana Soaps: Hallowe'en 2010, Cocoa Pink: 3rd Witch Solid Perfume, Possets: Napoleon and Josephine, Possets: Pumpkin Pepys, Wylde Ivy: Raindancer, Wylde Ivy: I Heart Patchouli, BPAL: Halloween Las Vegas, Possets: The Great Psychiatrist of Babylon, BPAL: Pink Snowballs 2011 , Possets: Courtly Love, BPAL: The Perilous Parlor, BPAL: The Cold Hour of Dawn, BPAL: A Nocturnal Reverie

You guys are all seriously the most amazing people in the world, and I definitely don't feel deserving of all this care and kindness. I can not thank any of you enough, nor apologize enough for being so late. I wasn't late because I wasn't thankful, as I am the most thankful and humbled person in the world right now. I hope you guys can understand why I've been so late, but even if not, I really truly thank you anyway.


  1. Oh sweetie, don't apologize. Everybody understands :)I sent you goodies because I was able to and wanted to, not because I expected anything in return. I am glad they found you in one piece and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts on anything I sent. Don't feel weird if you didn't care for the customs, I honestly never warmed up to #4, I think it was. Can't win 'em all.

    I only regret that I sent that package to you before I got my most recent custom, with Orange Blossom, Coconut, Red Musk, and Mahogany. OMG, that one turned out brilliantly, I couldn't believe it! Best of all of them, by far. If you like exotic, just slightly darker summery scents and ever want to do a custom, I highly recommend those notes! It started a veritable obsession with orange blossom and neroli for me.

    1. Oh precious petal, you're so kind. I just wanted to make sure you guys knew how much I appreciated everything so much. I honestly haven't been able to try them yet. It's been 115-116 here, so I haven't been wearing perfume much. BUT I am aiming to change that- and I will make posts about your custom scents this week when I finally Get around to trying them out :)

      Your newest custom scent sounds absolutely brilliant! I will definitely order those in my first custom when I run out of my bubbling scrub and whipped soaps :D Thank you so much for sharing that with me!!!

  2. I missed this because for some reason you are not showing up in my bloglovin feed, even though I transferred everything over from Google Reader. Regardless, you're welcome. And I hope you find something new to love. <3

    1. I must be a ghost! :) But I've been having problems with my feed too. Sometimes everyone disappears on it O_O

      You're sweeter than sweet, and I'm so thankful for everything. I hope I get to return the love to all of you soon.


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