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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Liber Vix's Custom HoG Blend #4

Hello precious ones! So when I logged on to view my Blogger dashboard this morning, it said I was not following anyone! Luckily, it was just a temporary error; and all is well in blogger land!

Today I will be discussing the last Haus of Gloi custom perfume created by the lovely Liber Vix! *Insert Drumroll Here*

This blend contains:
Green Tea, Eucalyptus Wood, Sage, and Oakmoss

Cold Sniff
To my nose, the cold sniff smells like green tea with a refreshing mint aspect. I know mint is not in this blend, but I smell it!

Initial Application
At this stage, I smell every note but the oakmoss. The eucalyptus wood is the most prominent note. It's such a hard note to explain- like a scent that's smack in the middle of green and woody. I had a eucalyptus spearmint body lotion from Bath and Body Works back in the day (it was part of their Aromatherapy:Relax line); and this perfume REALLY reminds me of that! And that's a good thing, because eucalyptus truly is a relaxing scent; and it's also nostalgic for me. I always wanted that scent in a perfume as opposed to just the body lotion, so I'm very happy about this!

The drydown for me does not change much from the initial application, which I'm happy about. The oakmoss in this blend is much different than the oakmoss I've tried in different perfumes (such as False Nostalgia and Black Baccara). Usually oakmoss consumes the other notes and demands to be smelled (but I really like oakmoss, so that was never a problem for me). But in this blend, it is very subtle and beautiful- adding a balancing and almost "sweet" earthiness to this perfume.

LV, thank you again for letting me try your custom HoG scents. I had so much fun trying each of them, and it really means a lot to me that you were kind enough to let me try your wonderful creations! You are truly creative and it really shines in these blends you ordered.


  1. Wow, I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! You got much more out of it than I did! I kept thinking it had a smell sort of like paint. Maybe the eucalyptus wood was a bit too strong, I'm not sure what it is exactly that didn't work for me. I will have to go back and try it again to see if it's perhaps aged better since I last used it, as that does sometimes help.

    1. Thank you hunny! You are so sweet! I truly did enjoy this one- it is not often that a perfume can truly evoke nostalgia for me! I'm very sorry this one didn't work for you. Paint does not sound like a very fun thing to smell like! Age definitely helps some perfumes! But I think the craziest and most fun thing about perfume is how there is no right or wrong with it. I mean, of course there are some perfumes out there that people unanimously like or dislike. But for the most part, perfume is unpredictable from one wrist to another- and I think that's so much fun!


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