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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cocoa Pink - Fear of Cemeteries

Hey there, cute little graveyard ghosties! It is no secret that I'm obsessed with fall and all the indie scents and collections that come with it. I've always adored Halloween, and I wish the entire year could consist of rainy days, crimson leaves, hot tea, apple cider, cuddly sweaters, and everything else like that. To live in imagination land, I reblog pretty autumn photos on Tumblr; and I also wear fall perfumes even in this disgusting summer heat. One perfume that I'm in a serious relationship with, but have yet to do a proper post on until now, is Fear of Cemeteries by Cocoa Pink! Here is the scent description from Cocoa Pink:

Fear Of Cemeteries (Coimetrophobia) - Cool damp graveyard dirt with a single white carnation placed cautiously against an old granite headstone, covered by dying crimson and yellow autumn leaves with a soft whisper of wood smoke carried in a crisp breeze.

Carnation and autumn leaves are the stars of the cold sniff. The autumn leaves note in this perfume is absolutely realistic: you can literally imagine the earthy, damp leaves beneath your feet. Initial application reveals an equally realistic aroma of wet concrete. It's a beautiful ozone note that I've always yearned for in a perfume. There is also a lovely note of cool, damp dirt; though it's not as prominent as the ozone. The autumn leaves are continuing their dance through the air, so it's like walking through a graveyard on a rainy autumn day. The carnation in this blend is soft, but profound- like the voice of one's conscious. It is there to remind those that have passed to know they are not forgotten, and it softens this otherwise dark blend. The drydown is almost entirely the same as the initial application, except the smokiness is unearthed (no pun intended, heh). This perfume is perfect and I hope to get a backup bottle when it's released again.


  1. Rachel!!! Great review:) I can't wait for autumn too. I hate these hot days that we have this time of the year in Greece...
    Fear of Cemeteries goes in my wish list for sure. Sounds perfect!

    1. Amanda!!! I'm so happy you're back and all moved in with your boyfriend! You must be so happy!! Thank you so much for the compliment! How how does it get in Greece right now? I wish it was fall all year long :) Fear of Cemeteries is perfect, at least in my humble opinion <3

    2. Oops! How hot does it get**

      I wish there was an edit button on comments! >.<


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