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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Liber Vix's Custom HoG Blend #3

Hello sweet little honey bees! Today I will be discussing my thoughts on the 3rd of 4 custom scents the wonderful Liber Vix ordered from Haus of Gloi! These have been super fun to try, especially since one of our dear bloggy friends came up with it!

This is what this blend consists of:

30% Pumpkin
30%White Amber
20% Lavender
20% Beeswax and Honey

Cold Sniff
At first, I got a huge whiff of beautiful, glorious, bitter lavender. But when I tried again, I got everything from the delicate aroma of the white amber, to the sweet pumpkin, to the beeswax. It's a battle of the notes and no one has won!

Initial Application
The lavender returns strongly, then disappears immediately. The beautiful white amber comes out to play, and the lavender returns to dance a beautiful dance with the amber. Breathtaking!

True magic! The beeswax comes out of its hidey hole and distributes the smell of a dozen beautiful candles. The pumpkin comes out as well, and gives this perfume a multidimensional beauty and adds sweetness to the flames. The image that come to mind is relaxing inside on a dreary autumn afternoon with a cup of hot tea. Candles create an angelic atmosphere and emit an intoxicating smoky scent. Meanwhile, a pumpkin Wallflower is wafting through the air. What a wonderful afternoon that would be!

LV, thank you so much for sharing this blend with me. I enjoyed it so very much, and I am honored you let me try it out! You truly created something magical in this combination!


  1. This was a pretty risky blend-it could have just been too weird to work. But I think it does! Supposedly lavender and pumpkin are aphrodisiacs, so I thought it would be interesting to have a blend with both. Not sure about the aphrodisiac part, but it is surprisingly lovely!

    1. I have been excited about this blend ever since you mentioned it in your blog! And life would be so boring without risks! I'm so glad you took the chance, because I could NOT stop sniffing myself when I wore this yesterday. It lasted a long time too, which says a lot because perfumes don't generally last too long on me (save for many Solstice Scents blends)- which I think has a lot to do with my body chemistry and climate I live in, but I don't mind reapplying so s'all good! I find lavander beautiful and calming, and pumpkin nostalgic and comforting- but I'm not convinced about the aphrodisia aspects of either. Maybe it varies from person to person, like many things! <3


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