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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Liber Vix's Custom HoG Blend #2

Hello cute ones! Today I have the second of four custom Haus of Gloi perfumes creates by the beautiful Liber Vix. If you missed the first one, please head this way!

This particular blend consists of:
Rose, Leather, Tonka Bean, and Labdanum

Cold Sniff-
I am not too familiar with labdanum (please forgive me!), but I'm 99 percent sure the cold sniff is mostly labdanum because it's very resinous and earthy.

Initial Application-
Earthy gorgeousness! It smells beautifully resiny and leathery. The rose sneaks between each note and blends them together absolutely seamlessly. Aaron says it smells like soap, which I'm sure is because of the rose. Like those little fancy soaps in shapes of seashells! Speaking of that, this would make a beautiful bubbling scrub or whipped soap.

This notes in this blend are a match made in heaven. It is impossible for me to distinguish them individually- but as a whole, they create an otherworldly delight to the senses. It is the absolute perfect balance of earthy and floral, and I just want to roll around in this perfume and dance in the forest!

Thank you so much, LV. Again, it was such an honor and delight to be able to spend time with your custom blend. Thank you so much for sharing it with me, sweet one!

I leave you now with a picture of last night's sunset. There was a forest fire in the mountains this past week, so that's why it appears smoky and red.


  1. This one is my second favorite next to the one I just did (the summery one). It really does have a soapy element to it, but not really in the negative way we sometimes refer to perfumes going soapy. More like a clean skin soapy. I was surprised how well these notes blended together. Very cool sunset too(not the forest fire part), but still pretty.

    1. You're absolutely right- the "soapy" element is not a negative one, it's actually very magical and makes me smile! :) Clean soapy skin is quite accurate! And that's one of the best smells in the world! :D You picked some winning notes, my dear! Sometimes the least expected things are the things that work the best!

      And thank you- our skies have been so crazy because of the fire, but SO pretty! I couldn't help but snap a picture!


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