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Monday, July 8, 2013

Liber Vix's Custom HoG Blend #1

Hello precious lil bees! Today I have a very special treat! Liber Vix (hereafter referred to as LV) was kind enough to send me imps of her custom HoG perfume oils. Today I will be discussing my thoughts on the first of four custom perfume blends she created!

This blend consists of:
Pumpkin, Ginger, Leaf Pile, and Sandalwood

Cold Sniff-
Definitely leaves (think Samhain!) with pumpkin to sweeten it up.

Initial application-
The sandalwood is the most prominent note at this stage of the perfume. Everything else is in the shadows because the sandalwood needs your attention and she needs it now! After about 2 minutes, I do smell a faint hint of ginger with sandalwood still at the center stage.

The drydown in this blend is quite the interesting mix of ginger and the leaf note. The ginger is REALLY strong and not my favorite thing ever. However, magic happens after about 20 minutes- and the leaves perk up to create a perfect autumnal, spicy scent. This is a very fun blend that morphs beautifully from cold sniff to dry down, and I truly enjoyed spending time with it!

LV, thank you so much for letting me play with your custom scents! You are the sweetest sweetest sweetest!


  1. This sounds interesting, even though I'm not terribly fond of sandalwood. I love a good leaf note!
    It's great to hear from you again Rachel! I have missed you and your posts!!

    1. It was quite interesting, dear one! And I am very fond of the interesting and non-cookie-cutter things :)

      And thank you Nadja, that means a great deal to me. I so greatly apologize for not getting your care package out yet. Neither of my jobs have are active in the summer so... I don't have the extra cash to send it yet. I do have a list of the fragrances I will be sending you though- and please let me know if there are any particular scents on here that you'd like me to send your way. I promise that I will still send it, just not as soon as I thought I could and I feel so torn up about it.

    2. Don't feel bad about it Rachel! No worries!! I know all there is to know about not having any extra cash and if you had just a little bit of extra cash I'd rather you spoent it on giving yourself a treat rather than sending me a package! I can wait!! <3

  2. Oh hey, that's my name up there! Very cool, glad you enjoyed trying it! I thought this one was pretty good for my first try, an interesting earthy-foodie mix. I didn't know at the time you could tweak the percentages of each note, given a do-over, I might have cut down on the ginger a bit myself.

    1. Heck yeah, my lady! I hope it's ok to refer to you under your blog name. I didn't want you to think I forgot your real name, I just didn't want to plaster it on the interwebz <3

      I think you did a great job on this custom, especially never having ordered a custom before this one! I think it is very pretty and unique and, above all, special because you made it :) Thanks again for letting me try these, sweet one!

    2. That's perfect actually, I go by Liber Vix (LV's fine too!)in the interwebs as much as possible. My alter ego prefers to stay mysterious..wha ha ha ;) I just thought it was neat to see my name come up in my blog roll and to see a picture of something I sent way across the country (I'm easily entertained!)


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