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Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Adventures

Hello there and happy Sunday! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took Cheyenne to Red Rock, which is a place to hike and rock-climb and do other such outdoorsy things. It's really beautiful there, and our dog absolutely loves it. I'm so glad I remembered to bring my digital camera, because we had a wonderful day and I wanted to be able to have pictures to reminisce! 

The trail we chose to investigate started off pretty rugged, but almost immediately changed into a breathtaking meadow with various deciduous trees scattered about. There were tiny little streams among various places throughout the meadow, which Cheyenne had a blast trudging through! There was this really amazing spot only about ten minutes into our trail: it had a beautiful tree for shade, logs to rest on, and an amazing view. We enjoyed the spot for about ten minutes before continuing on our journey. 

Above: The awesome shaded resting spot!

We continued to walk up and down various pathways, and had a fun time doing so. Cheyenne was having a blast too, of course! But my favorite part of our journey is what I'm about to describe. When we turned back, we had to go back and forth to find a good trail to return on. I'm actually glad this happened, because my boyfriend spotted an owl!!! I have never seen an owl in person, so I was beyond excited to see this little fellow. I was so excited to see the owl that my footsteps scared it away, so all I saw was the owl glance toward my boyfriend and fly away. Well, we decided we wanted to see that amazing creature for longer than two seconds, so we carefully found our way back to where the owl flew off to.

This was the coolest part of our day, hand's down. When we found the owl for the second time, its tail was facing us, but its head was turned 180 degrees to watch us like a hawk. We stayed as still and quiet as possible, mostly watching the awesome little dude through binoculars. I don't have words to describe how amazing this was, and the pictures I snapped do not even begin to do it justice. Feel free to click on the following pictures to enlarge them for a better look at the owl.

Above: Our owl friend!

We were both on cloud nine from seeing such a cool creature in person like that. When the owl flew away once more, we decided to start heading back. On our way back, we head a frog croaking from one of the little ponds. Though we did not find the frog, we did stumble upon quite a few tadpoles resting in the ponds. They were such little cuties, I couldn't help but snap a picture of them.

Above: Little tadpoles resting in the pond.

So that about wraps up our little journey! We all had a really great day, and were pretty pooped by the end of it. We are definitely going to hit this trail again when we get some more days off. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about our little adventure!


  1. Looks like a beautiful day; how cool to see an owl like that! It's a good idea to always keep a camera handy on nature walks, you never know what you'll see!

    1. Yeah, it was definitely a beautiful day. And I thought it was really neat to see that owl! It made me want to get into bird-watching. I agree, bringing a camera on nature walks is most certainly a good idea! I bet there's some really neat places to explore in your neck of the woods :)

  2. What an amazing adventure you had! I think the only time I hade seen a live owl was at the Zoo:(
    Some people do have owls as pets, I think it's kind of strange because you have to feed them live animals...
    My dog loves long walks like that as well!

    1. I definitely felt lucky to go on the adventure, it was really great! And it's really close to our house, so I also feel lucky that such a neat place is so close. I don't think I've even seen an owl at the zoo, so this was a special experience for me. I bet you need a license to have an owl as a pet, since it is a wild animal. I saw a funny gif on tumblr where there was an owl in a group of owls eating a huge rodent-type thing, it didn't look like he'd ever be able to swallow it! And I'd feel so sad to feed a pet owl little animals because I love my hamsters and it would just remind me of the hamsters. I never though hamsters could have such neat personalities. My hamsters all have their own personality. Some are shy, and some literally jump in my hand to be held. They are all very sweet though. I love them! I used to have a snake, and he ate mice- but they were frozen mice they sell at the pet store. Feeding snakes live mice makes them more aggressive, plus it's cruel to the little mice; so they don't even sell mice to use for food at the pet store, which I think is good. But I'm sure people still do buy them for that and lie about it :( Ok sorry for rambling, I hope you have a great week!


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