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Friday, October 25, 2013

One Thousand and One Nights by Iris Handmade Soaps

Hello lovely falling crimson leaves! Last week was a pretty difficult week for me at work, so I was planning on crashing on the couch and watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix, but I started drafting this post instead. Blogger has been wonky lately, so unfortunately I couldn't finish this post until now. The reason I drafted this post last Friday is because I purchased a perfume from Amanda's new etsy story  two weeks ago, and it came in the mail last Friday! I was really surprised that it arrived in America just one week from when she shipped it! It was a really nice surprise after the week I had, and I am very happy to say that the perfume I ordered (A Thousand and One Nights) is absolutely stunning. So stunning that I am very sad I couldn't finish this post sooner. 

Here is the scent description for A Thousand and One Nights from Amanda's etsy:

This was named by my mother after she tried this on!

A perfume all about the warmth and abiance of telling a story:

ginger cookies,vanilla, oats and spiced milk.

This is buttery and foodie. Yum!  

  Above: A Thousand and One Nights. The labeling is really charming and pretty.


  Above: The packaging was really awesome. Amanda sent everything in a lovely (and reuseable) blue box. She included a very sweet (and incredibly cute) card adorned with a teddy bear. She even sent me some extra goodies- candy and a beautiful handmade soap with a starfish molded on top!

The perfume itself is absolutely stunning. Most of you probably know that I don't usually go for foodie scents, but I had a feeling this would be an exception (and it certainly is!). This is definitely a foodie perfume, but a very wearable foodie. I know some perfumes with spice notes can get a little overwhelming, but that is not the case for A Thousand and One Nights. The vanilla and oats balance everything out to make the spiced milk and ginger notes really warm and comforting. The notes are very well blended and they work together to create a very charming and incredibly beautiful scent that I greatly look forward to wearing for the colder weather and holiday season. The sillage is incredible. I did not need to sniff my wrists to be able to detect this perfume, I could definitely smell it on me! It also lasted for hours. I don't know the exact amount of time, but this perfume has really wowed me in all the areas that make great perfumes!

Amanda, thank you for the very sweet note and for the extra goodies in my package. You are truly talented and I really wish the best for your new store! *hugs*


  1. Rachel, Thank you so much for mentioning me and my shop on your blog!! You are the best!!!
    Actually, the white thing is a coconut candy and not bath salts!!! Please don't take a bath with it! lol
    I am so glad that you liked it. I know you don't go usually for foodie scents and I was really anxious if you will love it or not.
    I am about to watch Orange is the new black with Theodore!
    I am very excited with all the perfumes I have in mind to blend! I hope I can find decands supplies in the future so I can offer samples too.

    1. Aww you're such a sweetie- you're the best, though! You are so talented and you definitely deserve recognition. I feel like so embarrassed for thinking candy was bath salts! Haha! Well I can still take a bath with your soap, I just won't pour coconut candy under the running water, lol!
      Ooh how did you guys like Orange is the New Black? I just finished season one and I thought it was so good! I don't even have tv but we have Netflix so I started watching it and I couldn't stop!!
      I know you will come up with some awesome perfumes and I'm excited to buy more of them from you when I can! You're awesome! I hope you have a good weekend sweetie!

    2. Don't be embarrassed, I should have written something about it in the card:) You know, so many people get confused with candy, soaps and other bath items. Theodore's father tried to eat one of my soaps once! It was so funny!

      I really like Orange is the new black. I am in the third episode!
      We wach Sleepy Hollow as well and Coven.
      Coven is very spooky and witchy.

      Have a good weekend too!

    3. That is so funny about Theodore's father trying to eat one of your soaps once! I bet it was funny!!! Well I am able to laugh at myself and not take myself too seriously, so it's all good, haha! Even at work the other day I managed to accidentally electrocute myself and we were all joking about it, lol. :)

      Orange is the New Black is so good, isn't it? I'm glad you liked it! I think you have 10 episodes to go, but trust me, it won't feel like enough when it ends! The next season is supposed to come out sometime next year I guess. I will have to check out Sleepy Hollow and Coven too! Right now I'm on the 4th episode of Wilfred and it's so funny.

      By the way, etsy finally let me review the perfume today! :)


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