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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Autumn Daze ~ Covered Bridge by Solstice Scents

Hello lovely little ladybugs! Some of you may remember the Manor collection that was released last year by Solstice Scents. It was a themed collection where each perfume was a scent from one of the rooms in the manor. It was a really neat concept, and my favorite from that collection was Library. Anyway, Angela from Solstice Scents has released another Autumn-based "themed" collection this year. However, this year the collection is based on Foxcroft perfume. This new collection is based on a quaint little town called Foxcroft, and each of the scents is inspired by different locations in the town.  I have not tried Foxcroft yet, but I did purchase one of the perfumes from this collection called Covered Bridge.

Covered Bridge scent description from Solstice Scents:

Woods, Moss, Leaves, Wood Smoke, Dirt, Ozone, Fir Absolute

Bell's covered bridge is the main conduit for crossing the North River in Foxcroft.  The view of town, the rushing river water and the towering peak of Mt. Willow are inspiring sights from either side of the bridge.   This fragrance celebrates the dry wood notes which represent the bridge itself, fresh Northern air and mossy green notes and is a must for lovers of woodsy outdoors blends.  Sixteen premium fragrance and essential oils bring the Bell's covered bridge to life.  Wood notes comprised of Virginia Cedarwood EO, Alaskan Cypress Wood EO, Blue Cypress EO and sandalwood meet earthy notes of patchouli, vetiver and musk.  A cool blend of oakmoss, dirt, fir absolute and fern envelopes the dry wood notes and pairs well with a blend of sweet fall air, hay and wood smoke elements.   Covered Bridge is a very smooth and evocative woodsy blend.   Fans of Crumbling Crypt and Wail of the Banshee may also enjoy Covered Bridge as it shares a few similar notes.

The cold sniff of Covered Bridge is very earthy, like wet leaves and moss. Initial application is incredibly smoky. It really reminds me of Smoky Mountain Mallow at this stage, as I'm guessing the same smoky note was used in this perfume. You guys probably know I really enjoyed Smoky Mountain Mallow, as it really brought up some awesome nostalgia for me; so the similarities are not a bad thing. The drydown unearths the beautiful woody notes in this blend. The cedarwood really stands out to me, as I am familiar with it through Attic (which, again, was another Solstice Scents perfume I enjoyed). The smokiness still remains during the drydown, but everything is so well-blended that it takes a few sniffs to realize what stands out on my skin and what doesn't. Sillage is medium, and I'm not sure about how long it lasted because I honestly didn't even check. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with Covered Bridge. I think it's awesome that it contains elements of some of the other Solstice Scents perfumes I enjoy while still containing elements of its own. I don't think you would need this perfume if you already own Attic or Smoky Mountain Mallow; however, I do think it's worth a sniff if you really enjoyed one or both of those perfumes.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't been putting disclaimers in any of my posts lately because it just feels so redundant. Additionally, I know you guys know I did not receive anything for free and I don't have any company affiliations. But for anyone that hasn't read any of my old posts, please know that I purchased all the items mentioned with my own money, I am not being paid to write about any of the products mentioned, I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned, and that my opinions are always my own. As always, thanks for reading- it truly brightens my day to know that you guys enjoy the kind of things I write about too :)

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