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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Holly Jolly Haul - Haus of Gloi Yule 2013

This is such an awkward time of year where the seasons are in between autumn and winter. The Halloween stuff is on clearance and all the Christmas stuff is already out. Just like enjoying Halloween-themed items early, I'm more than okay with enjoying Christmas items early too! The days go by so fast that I figure I might as well enjoy my favorite holidays as much as possible. That being said, I went on Haus of Gloi's Facebook last weekend and found out their Yule release was last Sunday (November 3rd). Needless to say, I did splurge on a few things for the Yule release!

Most of the items I purchased are in Haus of Gloi's new Yule scent for 2013 called Wintervale. Here is the Wintervale description from Haus Of Gloi:
Snow covered blue spruce boughs, frozen woods, crystalline sugared violets and sharp wintery air, all wrapped around a minty mug of hot cocoa. 

Above: Wintervale Bubbling Scrub, Wintervale Pumpkin Butter, and Wintervale Whipped Soap.

Above from L to R: Silver Fir Butterbomb, Rain (single note that was free with over $25 purchace), Wintervale (I purchased this imp), and Rosy Cheeked (free perfume sample with purchase). All of the above items came in a cute little white pouch, like a little stocking stuffer.

So far, the only things I have used since I received this package are the Wintervale Bubbling Scrub and the Wintervale Pumpkin butter. The scent is quite nice, though a little difficult to describe. The minty notes in it make it a really cool, refreshing perfume that is really festive and nice for winter. The violet and hot cocoa notes also come through, which I think is a really neat combination. The spruce/woodsy notes are not as prominent as the other notes in this blend, which is kind of a bummer for me; but this is still a nice scent that I'm happy I ordered. The most awesome part about the bubbling scrub and pumpkin butter is that it has helped my dry skin immensely. I haven't tried the actual perfume oil in Wintervale yet, so I'll try to remember to edit this post when I do. I'm saving the Silver Fir butterbomb for a time when I can truly relax with a bath. I used their rose scented butterbomb in the past, and it was absolutely wonderful. Not only did it make my bath awesome, it actually left my entire bathroom smelling lovely for days. Haus of Gloi also offers a sugar cookie butterbomb that was released for this year's Yule, and that would definitely be a good choice for those of you that are into foody scents. It even has festive sprinkles on top like a real sugar cookie! Butterbombs are less than half the price of LUSH's bath bombs and just as good (in my opinion). Definitely worth the $2.50, especially if you're a bath person.

So I guess that's all for now! Thanks for putting up with my super early Christmas haul. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

DISCLAIMER: All items mentioned were purchased by me for my own personal usage. I am not affiliated or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!


  1. Argh, I'm so jealous! I haven't been able to buy any of the Yule goodies yet and will have to wait until Cyber Monday when hopefully they'll have some more Reverie items (hoping for Ye Olde Cake of Fruit!). I want to try pretty much all the Butter Bombs and was thinking of getting a bar of Wintervale soap to gift, as it just looks so pretty. What is Rosy Cheeked like? I've been avoiding it because of the grapefruit note, but maybe if it's not too prominent I'd give it a go.

    1. Aww, don't be jealous, hun! You have gotten some pretty awesome goodies lately, and Cyber Monday will be coming up before we know it! I think HoG is pretty good at keeping their items stocked, but I'm hoping they'll have Ye Olde Cake of Fruit for you! Is that a pretty nice smell? Yeah it was hard to choose just one Butterbomb for me, so I don't blame you for wanting all of them! I don't know what Rosy Cheeked is like, because I haven't tried it yet (I'm not really supposed to wear perfume to work... not that I think they'd enforce it, I just don't want to step on any toes). The main reason I haven't tried it though, even after work, is because I have been avoiding it too, to be honest. I just don't really like fruity scents. I did try Persephone's Descent from their Autumn release this year (it was a sample with my Horseman purchase)... which had pomegranate in it. It smelled horrible on me, which stinks because I love the taste of pomegranate. I know fruit notes can really go wonky on some people, so I'm probably one of the "lucky" ones :) I'm still willing to try it though, so I'll keep you updated! :D

  2. It's never too early for Holidays!! I love baking this time of the year and I will fill my house with baked goods!
    HoG Yule scents don't call my name this year even thought the one you got sounds good!
    Maybe I will get some when they had their Reverie scents up.

    1. That's awesome that you bake a lot this time of year, Amanda! What is your favorite thing to bake? I was thinking about baking this year too, especially because I have a ton of coworkers and there's no way I could afford to get them all something special, but I do want to do something nice for them because they're all really sweet to me and they all make work less of a "chore."
      I have tried some of the other Yule scents (the ones that are the same as last year) in the form of bubbling scrubs. My favorite was Hearth, though I guess it didn't sell very well last year, so it's only in perfume form this year.
      I know Liber Vix is waiting for the reverie scents too! Maybe I will try some when they have their sale after Thanksgiving.
      By the way, I'm obsessed with your perfume- it's SO perfect for this time of year!! <3


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