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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nostalgia: Dream Angels- Heavenly

My boyfriend's parents were so kind to me for Christmas. One of the presents they got me was a Victoria's Secret perfume sampler set. This was such a cool present because it included *the* perfume that I mainly wore in high school- Dream Angels: Heavenly. Just a whiff brings back some awesome memories for me. I probably distributed a scent cloud of Heavenly wherever I walked at that time. I had the shower gel, the body spray, the lotion, and the perfume. I actually have a spritz on my wrist right now, and the nostalgia is overwhelming!

There are two main things Heavenly reminds me of: Lord of the Rings and my best friend, Rachel. I know that sounds obscure, so allow me to elaborate. I had a lot of issues with depression in high school, and Lord of the Rings really helped me in a positive way. The first time I saw The Fellowship of the Ring, I was absolutely hooked. I was visiting my relatives in Missouri at the time, and I actually bought all three books because:  a) I loved the movie so freaking much and b) I could not wait a year at a time for the following movies- I had to know what happened next!

My room was pretty much covered in various Lord of the Rings posters. It looked pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I made word shadows out of regular paper inside my lamp that said, "In Dreams" because those words were lyrics from a song on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

Lord of the Rings was so important at that time in my life because, even though I hid it well, I was dealing with really severe depression. As silly as it sounds, looking forward to The Two Towers and Return of the King really helped me cope with my depression. It was nice to think about the lands of Middle Earth (my favorites were the Shire, Rivendell, and the Grey Havens) and to get lost in another world for awhile.

As I mentioned, the other thing Heavenly perfume reminds me of is my best friend, Rachel. We met in P.E. when I was a freshman and she was a junior. I was wearing a Glittery Willy Wonka shirt with huge raver pants with a rainbow across my butt in thread, and she had amazingly bright red hair (think Manic Panic red). We were both so nervous, and neither of us knew anyone. Me because I was a freshman, her because she was new in town. We both complimented each other (she complimented my shirt, I complimented her hair), and laughed when we came to the realization that we had the same name that was spelled the same exact way.

I still remember the first day Rachel and I hung out outside of school. I was excited because I got the cheesy Otter Pops watch I ordered in the mail, and I was also thrilled to have a new friend over. I got on my guitar and played "Santeria" by Sublime while we both sang the song. We recorded that song on a cassette tape and laughed our asses off while we let my parents hear it. We had an amazing day, and it felt great to connect with a new friend.

Rachel and I were inseparable after that day. We had countless sleepovers listening to Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, and Sublime while staying up late talking about everything. The obstacles she had overcome in her life really intrigued me. She could talk for hours and I'd never be bored. It was awesome. When my parents took me camping out of town, Rachel came with me. She was a huge part of my life!

Of course, Rachel graduated two years earlier than I did. She got a job and lived with one of our friends for a while. However, she ended up moving to Washington not long after that, and I was absolutely devastated. I don't think either of our parents understood our connection or how sad we were about Rachel moving, but that didn't surprise me.

As I reached the end of my senior year, I was getting ready to graduate. We had to rehearse in another school's gym because I went to high school on a college campus my senior year. When I got in the parking lot and starting walking toward the gym, I saw a girl quickly walking toward me while staring at me strangely. I didn't want to make eye contact and have it be awkward, but I finally realized that I KNEW the weirdo and that she was my best friend, Rachel! My parents flew her out for my graduation and vacation afterward. That was seriously the best present I ever received. We probably jumped and hugged for two minutes straight!

Rachel got me a Dream Angels: Heavenly gift set for my graduation, so that special memory of having my best friend there will always stick with me (particularly when I sniff that perfume).

Above: Victoria's Secret mini size of Dream Angels-Heavenly along with Biblo Baggins
Above: Gandalf and Victoria's Secret mini size of Dream Angels-Heavenly

Scent Description from Victoria's Secret via:
"Capture the radiance. Live the dream. Love the romance of Dream Angels fragrance. Luminous and sensual, Dream Angels Heavenly glows in luxurious warmth. White musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony. Domestic."

My question for you guys is what your favorite scents are that bring back memories? If you don't have one, what's one of your favorite memories in general of high school?

DISCLAIMER: The product mentioned was purchased for me as a gift. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies mentioned. All opinions are my own and always honest.

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