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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Above: Riveting by China Glaze

Hello, darling readers! Today I have for you some swatches of a polish that has possibly been swatched a billion times, so let's make this a billion and one! I'm referring to China Glaze's Riveting, which was released from the long awaited (and controversial) Capitol Colors a few months back. Riveting is a stunning red-based orange with golden shimmer. And I love it. It's like the very essence of fire encapsulated in a lovely shade of nail polish. And since summertime here is basically like being on fire (That's right, Katniss isn't the only girl on fire nao!), I find Riveting a brilliant shade for beautiful (yet easy) summer nails.

Above: Riveting by China Glaze. Besides fire, this color also kinda reminds me of the scales of a goldfish. :)

Above: Out of focus picture of Riveting by China Glaze, cause life's not fair! ;)

The formula on this is a dream. It goes on smooth and dries fairly quickly. Also, even though the formula is a bit thin, it's opaque in two coats EASILY. I always appreciate a polish that's easy to work with!

Let me know what nail colors you guys like to wear during the summer! And as always, thanks for stopping by! It truly makes my day. :)

DISCLAIMER: All products mentioned were purchased by me for my own personal usage. I am not affiliated with or compensated by the companies mentioned in any way. All opinions, as always, are 100 percent my own and honest.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad you love it too! :D

      It truly is amazing. I even get compliments whenever I wear it out & about, so it has a tendency to captivate everyone!

      Thank you for commenting! :)

  2. What a pretty nail polish!

    1. Thank you, Alex! You're so sweet! I think it's pretty too, and I adore the complexity of the color.

      Thanks for commenting! :)


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