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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kitty Pics for Sweltering Summer Sadness

Take it from a landlocked girl in the desert: summer sucks. Though I have never liked the heat, I don't think I'll ever get used to the extremely unliveable conditions of summertime. It wouldn't be so bad if there was some sort of fluctuation- and at least a little bit of rain- but, sadly, the only variety to speak of is hot heat and windy, hot heat. What kind of fuckery is that?! I feel so unmotivated to even attempt makeup, as the nasty allergens make my eyes water the second the relentless wind persists. Why can't it be September already? I'd have (at least somewhat) financial stability, more tolerable weather, fall collections to anticipate... so much more to look forward to. But this nasty summer drought has put me in a rut that isn't easy to overcome. I've been feeling so anti-summer that I've been slathering on black nailpolish, even black-er eyeshadow, and forbidding any neons from making their presence known. My gothic guts approve!

All LOLage aside, I do get mind numbing depression that has sucked even more as of late, so . . . here are kitty pictures in case of overwhelming sadness (or in situations of normalcy- overwhelming summer boredom):

Above: I was amused to walk into the kitchen today to find my kitty in the cupbord. He's never been in that particular cupbord, and IDK how he managed to jump that high. YAY for my empty bottle of Mansinthe!

Above: Even V bought into the Fifty Shades of Grey hype!

Above: "Braving" the summer heat by resting in the shade. I love my handsome V!

Above: Always stealing my pillow!

Above: My cat is a pimp.

Above: Catching MOAR ZzZz's!

I have a bajillion more kittah pictures, but I'm going to restrain myself from posting (at least for now). I might do a beauty-related post later tonight. Until we meet again!

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