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Thursday, April 5, 2012

CB I Hate Perfume: In The Library

Hello again! Today I received two travel sizes of CB I Hate Perfume that I ordered last week. I was so stoked to hear the knock of the UPS guy! So I decided to get I Am A Dandilion and In The Library.

The perfumes came in cute little bags (shown above) with the name of the scent on the front. These are the travel/trial sizes, which contain 2ml each. Let me just jump right in and say I love both of these so freaking much that I plan on ordering full sizes of them when I can afford to do so. I know it's early to say such a thing, but I am really, really impressed.

Tonight I am going to be writing about In The Library, as it's the perfume I wore after receiving the package today. This is what it looks like, with a China Glaze nailpolish by it for size comparison:

I only needed a teensy bit to, well, smell like a library! I love how CB makes perfume that really, truly tells a story. He is so witty, and it's great that every scent he creates has a story behind it. In The Library is such a comforting scent. This is how the website describes it (from

"The Scent

In the Library is a warm blend of English Novel*, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish

*The main note in this scent was copied from one of my favorite novels originally published in 1927. I happened to find a signed first edition in pristine condition many years ago in London. I was more than a little excited because there were only ever a hundred of these in the first place. It had a marvelous warm woody slightly sweet smell and I set about immediately to bottle it."

I'm not going to begin to pretend that I'm anything close to good at describing scents, but I'm going to do my best. This perfume is a great first review, as to me, it smells exactly like its title. In The Library really does take me to a lovely library that's full to the brim with well-loved books that have collected dust over the years. Upon cold sniff and initial application, the book note isn't as apparant, but (on me) it made its appearance (quite boldly, which I LOVE) after about 10 minutes. Today was an absolutely horrid, windy day, so this was the perfect perfume to wear today while I snuggled up indoors with a lovely cup of tea. The wear time on this was also pretty noteworthy, as it lasted through my nap (a couple hours) and still made its presence known when I awoke. I added a teensy bit more, which was four hours ago . . . and I am still sniffing my wrist every few minutes with delight. It's always wonderful to come across a perfume with great staying power. (My favorite perfume is Solstice Scents' Manor, which literally lasts all night and still marches through the next morning).

Tomorrow, I will be reviewing I Am A Dandilion. Hopefully it will be a lovely, tame Spring day to match such a beautiful Spring scent.

Please let me know what your favorite perfumes are (any brand), or if you've ever tried In The Libray (or any other CB I Hate Perfume). :)

DISCLAIMER: I bought these items with my own money. My reviews are my own opinions about the content of the products. I have never and will never accept compensation/free stuff for a fakeass review. Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh, wow, another library scent! I really need to hoard some!! Especially as I´m studying to become a librarian!

    1. I have vintage decants that are that size (exaclty the same little bottle) and they do last a long time... so maybe I should go for it. CB-I Hate Perfume does have some intriguing scents!

    2. Oh hai Nadja! Sorry I took forever to write back. I was just going through my old posts and just saw your comments. You should go for it sometime, as this is a lovely perfume. Though a bit too expensive in my opinion!


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