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Saturday, April 7, 2012

CB I Hate Perfume: I Am A Dandilion

Dandilions in a field. I took this picture a couple days ago.

Today I am going to be reviewing CB: I Hate Perfume's I Am A Dandilion. First off, let it be known that I adore dandilions. I'm one of the individuals that don't view dandilions as a weeds, but a beautiful, intriguing flower. I love how dandilions morph from cute yellow buds to the adorable balls of fluffy seeds infamous for making wishes with once blown. I'm not ashamed to admit that I still make dandilion wishes to this day. But back to the point- the perfume.

I was initially drawn to this particular perfume because of its story. Christopher Brosius has a lovely story behind the creation of I Am A Dandilion, and it's definitely worth a read. It can be found under the "Story" link to this perfume on the official website.

The scent description according to is as follows:
"The Scent

Though there are certainly "prettier" flowers, the simple Dandelion is remains my own favorite. Perhaps because its beauty lies in its innocence and the flower constantly reminds me of happier times.

Dandelions are also extremely resilient and able to survive very harsh conditions. Much like me...

This perfume is the simple scent of a Dandelion newly picked from the lawn "

Oh, I could not be more content with this perfume. I Am A Dandilion smells beautiful from cold sniff to dry down. It was, of course, inspired by dandilions and therefore has a strong dandilion note. However, it's not as simple as the title insists. This perfume to me is the embodiment of Spring- it's so fresh, clean, floral-powered, and absolutely breathtaking. It seems to have an array of foliage notes among the Dandilion that fuse together to create a refreshing scent that truly makes me feel like Spring has Sprung (even though it was randomly cold today!) Also, the staying power on this is wonderful. I dabbed a bit on my wrist this morning, and I can STILL detect a faint hint of the scent 18 hours later. Awesome sauce!

Here's what it looks like:

I suppose it goes without saying that I am absolutely satisfied with my CB order, and I would certainly order once again (assuming I had the moo-lah, of course).

DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with this company. My opinions are absolutely honest and are intended to help those interested in the mentioned products. I have never and will never accept financial compensation for a dishonest review.

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