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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winslow's by Solstice Scents

Hello cozy cups of hot chocolate! I am here listening to the Bright Eyes Christmas Album (!!!) about to talk to you about one of Solstice Scents' new winter perfumes! Last Sunday, Solstice Scents released their winter perfume collection. They kept with the Foxcroft town theme for the winter collection, which I find so charming. The perfume came with a cute little postcard that included a fabricated version town's current events. LV, you will be intrigued to know that the fire at the Manor is thought to be arson ;) There is also an annual crafts fair held at Winslow's TODAY, which I am sure will be amazing! Too bad I am far across the country. 

The perfume I ordered from the winter collection is called Winslow's. I am very excited about this perfume, and I just knew I had to own it just by reading the description. Let's take a peek at what Solstice Scents has to say about Winslow's.

Rows of Christmas Trees, Clove Studded Oranges, Bayberry Tapers, Handcrafted Wreaths & Mistletoe
Winslow's Christmas Tree Farm sits at the base of Mount Willow in the town of Foxcroft.  The annual winter crafts festival at Winslow's offers handmade bayberry candles, rustic wreaths, orange pomanders and much more.  Meandering down the lane leading into Winslow's, you pass rows upon rows of fragrant Christmas trees ready for harvest.

Winslow's is the scent of winter.  Fir, woods, bayberry and mistletoe meld with spicy clove and blood orange essential oil and the result smells effectively like bottled winter.  Winslow's contains fir absolute and essential oil, spruce EO, cedar, a touch of guaiacwood and a blend of several fragrance oils in addition to the bayberry, mistletoe, clove and blood orange.  Fans of our Black Christmas soap will love Winslow's as the fragrance is very similar.  If you enjoy evergreen and/or woods scents or our Shoikan Grove, Covered Bridge and the previously offered Cedar & Siberian Fir fragrance, make sure to try Winslow's.  The combination of bayberry and clove gives the impression of a Victorian Christmas.  Unisex.

Winslow's is all I could ever hope for in a Winter/Holiday/Christmas perfume. I truly adore it, and I
really wish I could describe it much better than I know I'll be able to. I think the Solstice Scents description of this perfume is incredibly accurate. This perfume truly is like bottled winter. It is such a warm and comforting scent. It's like being home for the holidays, sans the cranky family drama. A lovely blend of orange and cloves sizzles on the stovetop while the invitingly fresh spruce scent from the Christmas tree dances throughout the air. This is a very consistent perfume that, to my nose, does not stray from cold sniff to drydown. It is incredibly comforting. I wore it yesterday, and I am happy to report that it lasted all day on me. Solstice Scents definitely makes some of the longest lasting perfumes I've ever worn. The silage is also incredible. I kept getting whiffs of Christmasy awesomeness throughout the day, which I knew to be Winslow's!

Well, I have a bit of a busy day ahead of me, so that's all for now. I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for reading!

Disclaimer: All items mentioned were purchased by me, all opinions are my own. 


  1. Great review! I got samples of the new winter scents and while I really liked ALL of them, Winslow's is definitely my favorite. It's really Christmasy and nostalgic and familiar, but I don't think it's cliche or unwearable after the day. I think I'd like this one all winter.

    1. Thank you so much! That definitely means a lot to me. I am glad that you liked Winslow's too! I wholeheartedly agree that it's a great nostalgic and familiar scent that is not underwearable or cliche. I, too, can see myself wearing this one all winter. :)


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