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Friday, September 20, 2013

Autumn Daze ~ Dudleyville by OHWTO

Hello little harvest moons, and happy official first day of autumn! I just completed my first week at my new job, and I love it so much! My coworkers are so nice and down to earth, it's such a relief from every single job I've had in the past. It's not exactly easy, but the people I work with make any hard task so much easier by just being so chill and understanding. I told them how lucky I am to be working with them. 

I haven't had energy to do much of anything while I get used to this new schedule, so I'm so sorry for not posting sooner. Today I will be revisiting a perfume from last year's One Hand Washes The Other Halloween release- Dudleyville!

Here is a bit about the inspiration beyond this perfume from

This abandoned settlement is known for its overwhelmingly negative psychic energy. The land was first settled in 1738 by the William Dudley family but conditions provered too difficult for farming. The production of charcoal from pine trees was the only profitable industry, although it lasted only a few decades. Residents of the settlement were viewed with great suspicion. Odd accidents, suicides, and insanity seemed to plague the people of Dudleyville. The town quickly gained a reputation for being cursed and no one wanted to live there. Today sensitive individuals still feel dark forces, and modern witches hold annual ceremonies here. The area is technically a dead zone where birds and other animals rarely venture. Recently a film producer aand a group of friends encountered a black shape rising out of an old stone foundation. As they got closer they all experienced trouble breathing, as if the life force was being sucked out of them. Dudleyville is considered one of the most haunted locations in the United States. So far, there have been over 500 reports of paranormal activities.

Scent Description:
Dried leaves, wood smoke, patchouli, fennel, dirt, palo santo, petitgrain, spectral musk, amyris, catnip, ginger, and cardamom

The cold sniff of Dudleyville reminds me so much of Haus of Gloi's Samhain, but with ginger added to the mix. I'm not a fan of Samhain until the drydown because it's too sharp for me until then, but actually I'm in love with it after that. Initial application is exactly the same as the cold sniff. Much like Samhain, I find this perfume much more enjoyable during the drydown. It's just fabulous with the earthiness of the dirt and leaves, and the other notes blend together so seamlessly that I cannot detect them individually unless I try REALLY hard. Though I don't care for the ginger and sharpness of the initial application, the drydown is definitely worth the wait! Dudleyville and Samhain are fairly similar, so you might like this scent if you're a Samhain fan!


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  2. I like Samhain a lot but I'm thinking that I might not need to try this if it is so similar to Samhain...

    I have just noticed that I'm not very into Halloween themed perfume. Everyone seems to go nuts for limited Halloween releases but I just feel like many of those scents are too cliché for me. The whole Halloween phenomenon is a bit too corny/kitsch for me...

    1. Yeah I'd say you wouldn't need both. I will try to decant it (I still need to figure out how first) for you and Amanda. I still have my Ploughman imp by HoG set aside for you. I don't get paid for a few weeks but I'll finally send some stuff your way when I have a little extra money. The only bad part is that this job is still part time even though it's 5 days a week.

      Yeah I can see where you're coming from. I just love holidays and I'm cheesy anyway, so when I discovered indie brands, it was and still is exciting for me when they release holiday collections. :)

    2. No hurry dear! <3

      I just contradicted myself and ordered all four of DarlingClandestine's Halloween scents, full sizes even. There is this pre-order deal right now for full sizes of the complete Halloween suite + a new scent called Hellbender for only $40. Evonne is just too good at awesome deals, it is bad for my wallet... Like, seriously bad, I splurged last month too! I also picked up bitsy vials of Rivet and Inked so I'm in for a treat when that package arrives! DarlingClandestine is the only brand that I blind buy full sizes from! ;D

  3. Happy Autumn to you too! Last night we had our first rain. It lasted only a couple of minutes but it was enough to cheer me up!

    That's great news about your new job! Working with people that you can respect and feel comfortable with is the most important thing.

    I have tried Samhain by HoG in a scrub form and I loved it. So, I am pretty sure I would like this one too!

    1. Thank you sweetheart! Oh that is so wonderful that you had your first rain last night! I bet that felt so great. I'm obsessed with rain :) Our rain here usually only last a few minutes too, but it always makes me happy anyway, so I totally understand where you're coming from!

      Yes, I know it will only be my second week on Monday... But I've had so many jobs that made me so unhappy in the past that I would be miserable all the time. It's awesome to have people I work with that really are nice and fun to work with. I don't go home feeling miserable or shitty, which is a huge change for me. :) And I find myself just talking about work and the things I like about it, which I'm so grateful for.

      Yeah I definitely think you'd like Dudleyville if you loved Samhain! There's another perfume by OHWTO that is sort of like Samhain and Dudleyville, and I'm going to write about it next. I need to send you and Nadja some imps and hopefully decants if I can learn how to decant. I don't get paid for a few weeks but hopefully I'll have enough extra cash to do it soon.

      Happy belayed birthday by the way!! I hope it was a wonderful day!!!


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