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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

11 Month Anniversay and still in the library!

I started this blog for a couple reasons. Reason one: I couldn't find ANY product photos of the CB- I Hate Perfume travel sizes. So I wanted to add my own product photos to help those that were interested in such things but had no frame of reference as to what they'd be getting for their money. I made that first post exactly 11 months ago, and I'm so glad I did!
Reason two: I thought it would be a positive distraction for me and a fun way to spend my free time. If you've ever suffered from depression or anxiety, you know that free time can be your worst enemy. Keeping busy is really important, especially when you stay busy with positive things that keep you happy. I never, ever expected to have any readers or make any friends out of this. I'm so happy I was wrong. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful each and every one of you are.

So today, I thought it would be fun to redo my first perfume review on CB: I Hate Perfume- In The Library . . . starting with a brand new product photo!

Scent Description from CB I Hate Perfume:

In the Library is a warm blend of English Novel*, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish

*The main note in this scent was copied from one of my favorite novels originally published in 1927. I happened to find a signed first edition in pristine condition many years ago in London. I was more than a little excited because there were only ever a hundred of these in the first place. It had a marvelous warm woody slightly sweet smell and I set about immediately to bottle it.

Cold Sniff: Dusty pages of ancient library books.

Initial Application/Wet on skin: Freshly polished wood adds dimension to the beautiful "dust" note. It's very beautiful and incredibly realistic.

Drydown: The leather notes become prominent at this stage in the perfume. It's definitely not an animalistic leather, more of a soft leather that you'd certainly find in the bindings of an old, forgotten book. The dustiness is still there, which is one of my favorite aspects to this perfume. I understand what the scent description means about worn cloth with the hint of wood polish. It sounds so weird, but it's an incredibly comforting scent that does wonders for the perfume's entirety.

Final Thoughts: In The Library is a very realistic and comforting perfume. It's not like Solstice Scents' Library at all. It's a lighter scent that focuses more on the book notes than anything else. I so wish I could wear In The Library on a more frequent basis, but it's WAY out of my price range in the full size version. I only have the 2ml travel size (which is pictured above), so I save it for special occasions.

I hope you are all having a nice week. Thank you so much for reading.


  1. I just have to sample that one when I have some money! Right now it´s three down and three to go of the library scents known to me. I want to sample them all! Solstice Scents Library, Wild Hybrid Library of Babel and this one are the ones left! ;D

    1. I wish I was more of a perfume aficionado so I could decant some of this for you. I'd hate to see you spend $15 on 2ml if I could make you an imp. I can't wait for your library perfume post when you finish the library scents!!!

  2. I started doing indie perfume reviews and hauls/first impressions on my main blog for the same reason - I couldn't find them anywhere else, and I figured I couldn't be the only person looking for them. Judging by the search terms that get people to my blogs, I was right. So we are both indie perfume heroes, doing our bit for the world. ;-)

    1. That's really cool! I think it's really rewarding to give exposure to indie companies and also provide information about products that isn't so easily found. So yeah, I think we are indie perfume heroes! ;) I really enjoy writing about indie perfumes, and if I could help just one person find what they're looking for, then that's even better :)

  3. I've been meaning to try CBIHPs for ages now! I want to try Burning Leaves and this Library one, oh and Ambrosia and 7 billion hearts.... all of them! May I ask, where you got yours? I need to get to London to try the perfumes first hand or order decants. Also is this the concentrated version or water perfume? Is there a difference? So many questions! Thanks for the review and posting the pic :) x

    1. Hey Su! It's so good to hear from you! I hope all is well with you! ❤

      I got this perfume online from their website, and you can go directly to In The Library from the link above the scent description :D I didn't know there was a London location! I've always wanted to travel to England. My neighbor is from London :) I'm actually not sure which version of In The Library I own, though if I had to guess, I'd say it's the concentrated version. I think the only difference between the water and concentrated versions are the price, and probably the strength. :)

  4. I'm well and just about hanging in there :)
    Thanks for answering my questions. Yes, there seems to be a book store in London that has these perfumes. I want to test all of them (without having to spend money on samples lol) and get me some 2ml vials.
    And you should definitely make a trip to London. I'll show you around :)


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