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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm Not Lion by China Glaze for Fall 2012

Oh, hello there! Today I have a delightful polish to show you guys. It makes my insatiable glitter desire temporarily content, which is a stupendous feat! I'm referring, of course, to I'm Not Lion from the China Glaze Safari Collection for Fall 2012.

Above: I'm Not Lion by China Glaze. Behold its glittery goodness!

I went a little crazy with the pictures, as the lion statue below paired with the lion reference in the polish name made me full of warm fuzziness.

Above: I'm Not Lion by China Glaze.

Above: I'm Not Lion by China Glaze.

Above: I'm Not Lion by China Glaze.

Above: I'm Not Lion by China Glaze.

Above: I'm Not Lion by China Glaze.

So, I believe it goes without saying that I freaking love, love, love the crap out of this. It's like a light, dirty golden color with holographic sparkles. It is amazing, like having liquid diamonds on your fingernails. So, if you'd like liquid diamonds on your fingernails (appearance-wise), I urge you to go to your local beauty supply store and see it with your own eyes. I truly think this is the best color in the Safari collection.

Let me know if you guys have gotten any of the Safari colors, and if so, tell me your favorites! If you haven't, let me know your thoughts on I'm Not Lion! I'd love to hear :)

Thanks for reading, as always!

DISCLAIMER: This nailpolish was purchased by my boyfriend and given to me as a gift. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned, nor am I compensated through monetary gain or complimentary products. So fear not, lovely readers, as my opinions are not tainted by the lure of a bigger bank account! My opinions are my own, honest, and intended to benifit YOU! :)

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